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Getting Drunk and Painting Records with Friends

On a Friday night, my friends and I decided to stray from our normal weekend routine and do something a little different. Instead of getting all dressed up and playing drinking games in our living room, we decided to stay in our sweatpants, get crafty AND tipsy.

We went out and bought old cheap records from the thrift store, dusted off our big box of paints, and painted the records with whatever inspired us at the moment.

My friends and I all sat around our kitchen table and laughed until we cried until about 1 AM. No one was glued to their phone, we all just enjoyed each other’s company.

This is a night that I will remember simply because it was so simple yet so meaningful. Some of us remember it more than others, because before you know it, the wine bottle you opened an hour ago is drained.

The paintings before and after drinking are very drastic but hilarious. I’m glad I’ll have these to keep this night ingrained in my mind.

The set up:

Before drinking:

After drinking:

(saved the best for last)

The video of the process!


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