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Indy Blue Is Proving It’s Cool to Care, Once Again

Lonely Ghost founder, Indy Blue, has used her influence and creativity to reinvent how internet brand communities can feel like close-knit families.

Photo: Lonely Ghost IG

When you leave the hangout the first thing you tell your friends is, “Text me when you get home.” A simple gesture that shows the love and mutual respect between each other. Indy Blue knows the power this holds, and as someone who genuinely cares about her ghost gang, she built an empire through clothes, blog posts, videos, and a meaningful message that has reached thousands.

Before starting Lonely Ghost, Indy Blue was an influencer most known for her heartfelt blog posts and travel videos. She created what we all were thinking. As the internet’s resident big sister turned mom, Indy Blue still manages to make her 373,000 Instagram followers feel like a part of her family. Before she became a mom, Indy created travel content, videos, blog posts, and most notably, her clothing brand Lonely Ghost. Through Lonely Ghost, Indy is taking the world by storm with carefully curated drops that leave a lasting impact in your closet and in the way we connect with people.

Each collection, it seems, serves a greater purpose. Past drops have included “Lonely Elementary” which featured bright colors and uplifting mantras to help heal your inner child. The original LG mantra, “I Love You Say It Back,” is one that has brought this little community together. It’s a simple phrase from her personal life that jump started this whole brand.

Who she is in her blog posts and her Instagram posts carries over into Lonely Ghost’s collections. Some seemingly random, but most meaningful posts embody her personality and innermost thoughts. Scrolling through the Lonely Ghost Instagram you can see the pieces of Indy that set her brand apart from being “just another clothing company.” Her brand is about what makes Indy, Indy, and she has shared that with her close-knit community. One might wonder what greater purpose the pickleball collection might serve, but these are the collections that allow her to be creative and give the Lonely Ghost community something that she thoroughly enjoys.

The Ghost Gang, as they have been dubbed lovingly, are part of her life in a different way than most people would describe their fans. She listens to what they have to say, appreciates their love for her collections, and most importantly they come together to celebrate big moments like the opening of Ghost Grocery, the birth of her son, and her engagement. When you take the steps to create a community the way she did, it truly comes around to caring about the company, the brand, and each other.

What’s so inspiring about this clothing brand is that if you see anyone wearing it you know you can go up to them and make a new friend. These clothes are more than clothes, it’s become a uniform. Indy will always post about Ghost Gang in the wild, and now it’s become a trend for others to do the same. Caring about each other, whether it’s complimenting their clothes, making a friend, or caring about your friends and family is the main goal. The way Indy posts about her love for her followers, friends, and family is truly admirable, and the clothes are a physical reminder that her vision goes beyond selling a product.

Her newest drop is a reflection of this. In 2021, the first edition of “It’s 2021, It’s Cool to Care” dropped. The first two times it was restocked, the collection sold out instantly. The Ghost Gang couldn’t get enough of this, which led to her newest collection: Cool to Care. A collection that is stylish, but also sends a message is the perfect epitome of the Lonely Ghost brand. The Ghost Gang has been begging for this to be released as a staple collection. And because we have seen that Indy truly cares, the Ghost Gang gets what the Ghost Gang wants. “Too Cool to Care” is the embodiment of her relationship with us, each other, and how we can spread the same message to people outside of the community.


The collection dropped in Ghost Grocery on January 21, 202, and online January 24, 2022.


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