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Finding A Hobby is SO Hard

No, really. All I do is work and suffer.

When most people make small talk they tend to ask, “What do you like to do for fun?” Honestly, that’s where I shamefully ghost them because I don’t have a hobby. I go to work, I write silly articles, I eat lunch with my friends, and I think I can perform plastic surgery by watching Nip/Tuck constantly. I don’t do much, and that sucks.

Shit I’ve Tried:

  • Reading: I’m really heartbroken this didn’t work out for me. I tried my best to find something that intrigued me, but I guess I get tired of things easily. I’m not the best candidate for a tattoo.

  • Collaging: Cutting paper and materials and putting it together is super cool. However, it makes a huge ass mess. I also took a collage class at school and that sucked the enjoyment out. I was being critiqued on if I made Captain America cool enough.

  • Collecting Memorabilia: I’m still pretty into going on eBay and looking for cool shit. For example, I have a Mickey Mouse JellyBelly dispenser sitting in my room. I just don’t have time to scout out little knick-knacks.

Cool Shit People Do:

  • Rug-making: The countless people I see make rugs on Instagram is amazing. I’m sure it takes forever, but the outcome is beautiful.

  • Re-sell things: My dad does this. He goes to thrift stores and resells them on different apps like eBay, Mercari, and Poshmark. It’s a small side hustle, but he enjoys looking at cool things when he shops.

  • Gardening: Very simple, but very dedicated. I admire anyone who takes responsibility to grow plants.

Cool Shit I Want to Try:

  • Magic: Here me out, it’s so impressive. I’m sure if I went to a job interview, and pulled a rabbit out, I’d be hired on the spot.

  • Embroidery: I’m sure if I had free time, I would spend it sticking pretty string through needles. I would make everyone a beautiful pillow.

My problem is that I don’t balance my time to enjoy other things. In quarantine, I watched every Simpsons’ episode ever. I think if I ever had to spend time away from work, I’m sure I’d find something cooler to do in my free time.


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