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Fashion Influencers "Emily in Paris" Should Follow for Season 2

It's no secret that Emily from Netflix’s “Emily in Paris” fashion is questionable at times. Nothing screams tourist like wearing a blouse with the Eiffel Tower printed on it. Or even worse, an Eiffel Tower keychain clipped onto her bag that can be found at an airport gift shop.

Let's hope, since she’s lived in the city for a while now, she will not be wearing any famous monuments printed on her clothes in season 2.

But just in case, since she is constantly posting her life on social media, she should take the time to get familiar with the search feature and explore these fashion icons on Instagram. Just a suggestion to help her become a little less “la plouc.”

Danielle Bernstein @weworewhat

Danielle has a unique NYC street style fashion. There is nothing “ringarde” about this influencer’s style. Her outfits range from matching sweat-sets to a red blazer with cheetah pants. She definitely knows how to match an outfit for every occasion and pull off a one of a kind look.

Photo: Instagram

Courtney Quinn @colormecourtney

Courtney is all about colors and being fun with clothing. She isn’t called queen of color for nothing! Her Instagram feed is bright with vibrant clothes to match every aesthetic. Emily does love her color palette so following this influencer can teach her how to properly add pops of color to her wardrobe.