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Everything We Know About the New "One of Us Is Lying" Trailer

Based on the best-selling novel by Karen McManus, the NBC Peacock TV show is set around four highschool students who find themselves involved in a potential murder.

The teaser trailer gives us what we were desperately waiting for: a glimpse into the Bayview Four, and the chaos that's about to ensue for them. While there's little revealed about the show, there are a few things we know. Filming has been happening in New Zealand, where COVID-19 restrictions allow big projects to work and continue progressing.

We want to introduce you to the two main characters of One of Us Is Lying:

Marianly Tejada plays Bronwyn

Last October, Marianly was cast as one of the leads in NBC’s new upcoming show One of Us Is Lying. Based on the bestselling book by Karen McManus (which I recommend you read asap before the show comes out), the TV adaptation promises to be a major success. Marianly will play Bronwyn, who is the people’s champ, if you ask me. She’s the brains of the group, and with her sights set on attending Yale after graduation, she will do anything to protect her future.

“I think our essence is quite similar: thoughtful and driven. And when we put our minds to something… it will get done!” said Marianly about the similarities between her and her character.

Cooper van Grootel plays Nate

Cooper van Grootel plays Nate, Bayview's resident bad boy. Over the course of the show, he develops a close relationship with Bronwyn. If you're a sucker for opposites-attract romances, you'll be swooning over these two for the entirety of the season. While Cooper didn't want to give out any spoilers, he did tells us that one thing fans can expect is a great story and A LOT of chemistry.

I would always write down character thoughts and ideas in a notebook as if it was Nate actually writing it, ideas would just flow from one to the other and that was basically my process. I kept it pretty secret and would read over it every day before set, to remind me of how he’s feeling and what he’s dealing with.

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