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Everything I've Learned About Dating in College

My advice on surviving these next four years.

Well it’s official. In just a few more weeks I’ll be a college graduate ready to enter the ‘real world’ (YIKES). These past four years of my life have been a wild ride, filled with lots of ups and downs.

As my time being a college student comes to an end, I’ve decided to reflect back on the lessons I’ve learned and many heartbreaks I’ve endured these past four years. Here’s some advice I wish I had been given about dating in college.

Finding ‘The One’ vs. Having Fun

Flashback to freshman year, I was younger, more innocent, and had terrible fashion sense. I was also convinced by the end of senior year, I’d have found myself a husband in one of those classic college romance stories.

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Four years later and my style has certainly improved but my search for love still continues. And honestly? I’m not complaining.

Here’s the thing: college is a time to experiment, make mistakes, and get just a littleeee bit crazy. So if you don’t end up with a wedding ring by the time senior year rolls around, don’t stress. You have the rest of your life to find your soulmate. While you're in school, just focus on having a good time.

Sticking to Your Standards

Standards. Everybody’s got them. Some might be too high, and other’s too low but standards themselves are a pretty important thing to have.

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There’ll be many times in college where you’ll be tempted to lower your standards. Unless you want to deal with a million ‘you up’ texts at 1 a.m. or getting ghosted every weekend...I suggest you keep your standards right where they are.

You’ll meet so many people in college. Don’t waste your time on people who don’t treat you right.

In Class Romance

Here’s a lesson I learned the hard way. Whatever you do, don’t go out with someone in one of your classes.

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I know it seems like a good idea, after all you see this person all the time. But when things go wrong, do you really want to get stuck doing a group project with an ex? Didn’t think so.

There’ll Always Be Someone New

College heartbreaks can seriously feel like the end of the world, but trust me when I say there’ll always be someone new.

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Try not to waste too much time getting hung up over someone while you’re in college. You’ll meet so many people, and have so many opportunities within the four years you’re there that, you’ll get over them in no time.


Navigating the dating scene in college looks different for everybody, so at the end of the day it's up to you how you go about it. These four years of your life seriously fly by. So whether you're looking for something serious, or just in the mood to mess around just remember make the most of it!


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