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Do You Like Them, or the Attention?

Sorry, but if you're asking yourself this question, you probably already have your answer.

Source: Pinterest

There's a big difference between fascination and attraction, but we often get the two confused. We crave affection and attention, so when someone gives it to us, we think we're in love ...


You're not.

Don’t worry, we've all mistaken a fascination for a crush. And it’s not your fault either; it’s in our nature to want attention. Could it also possibly mean we need therapy and were neglected as children? Perhaps, but that’s a discussion for your therapist, not me.

So how do you determine if you like someone or the attention they’re giving you?

Ya know, I wish I knew; it would have saved me a lot of time and energy... and bodies... but that's beside the point. Through failed situationships and many peculiar crushes, I learned a lot about how to differentiate an actual legit crush from a fascination.

There are so many instances where you’ll mistakenly develop a crush on someone.