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Dating After Covid... I Promise It's Coming

What will the dating scene look like when the pandemic's finally over?

Days since covid began: 20 50 100 185 300 365…..

Well it’s officially been over a year since the coronavirus pandemic started, and a lot has changed since then.

Changes since covid began:

-school went online

-no more graduations, birthdays, etc.

-people started wearing masks

-we all became obsessed with Tiger King

One of the biggest things that changed because of covid has definitely been the dating scene. After all, it can be pretty hard to meet that special someone when the whole world is on lockdown.

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Thankfully with the arrival of new vaccines, it looks like the pandemic might finally be on its way out (fingers crossed). So the question is:

What will dating look like in a post-covid world?

Here are a few of my theories.

First off, dating apps aren’t going anywhere.

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Even though we’ll hopefully be able to meet people in person again, online and virtual dating is here to stay. During quarantine a lot of people (including myself) turned to apps like Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, etc. as a safer option to in person dating. Are they for everyone? Probably not. But something tells me they’ll stick around long after covid has ended.

Pros to Dating Apps:

-easy to meet people


-great for hookups, dates, etc.

Cons to Dating Apps:

-can get boring after a while

-lots of fuckboys

Secondly, it might be hard to adjust back to ‘normal.’

Source: @chillary_clinton on TikTok

After months of quarantining, social distancing, and just straight up freaking out every five seconds, it’ll probably take some time to adjust. Old habits die hard, so when it finally comes time to start going out again some of us might still be reapplying hand sanitizer every five seconds.

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On the one hand this could be kind of fun. Maybe new couples will do ‘mask reveals’ showing each other what they look like without a mask for the first time. On the other hand, all I can think of is all the shitty pick up lines that are probably going to come out of this.

Wanna get closer than six feet?
I totally wouldn’t have minded being quarantined with you.
So are you a Pfizer or Moderna type of girl?

Lastly, dates themselves will look different.

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Being in a pandemic forced a lot of people to get...creative when it comes to dates. Zoom dinner dates instead of fancy restaurants, partying on Webkinz instead of partying at the club, our idea of a ‘date night’ totally transformed. Below are a few more examples of how those changes will last long after the pandemic ended.


At the end of the day, nobody completely knows what dating will look like when covid finally ends. But one thing's for sure, it'll be a lot better... hopefully.


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