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Goodbye Coastal Grandma Summer, Hello Meg Ryan Fall.

Before we know it, we’ll be trading our button down linen shirts in for flannels and blazers. Here’s how to transition your summer staples into fall pieces.

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The Coastal Grandma aesthetic is perfect for the summer because it’s all about neutral colors and simple pieces that can keep you cool in the summer heat. One of the best parts about the summer is that you never know where your plans will take you, but dressing the part for various plans can be difficult.

Coastal Grandma pieces can take you from the beach, to a rooftop bar and still looking the part. That’s why this aesthetic is so popular because it is so versatile. But, now that summer is coming to an end, how do you transition from summer to fall?

Meg Ryan fall has entered the chat.

The idea behind Meg Ryan Fall is channeling simple and timeless pieces. Cue the Pinterest search. When looking at the transition to this fall aesthetic, you can see an overlap of how to transition your pieces.

Here is some outfit inspiration to add to your Pinterest style boards to plan for a trendy fall.

This piece is perfect for the beginning of fall where its still warm during the day and get colder as the night goes on. A simple white shirt and loose trousers can fit ny activities, and topped with a black blazer, dresses it up even more, and adds warmth to the fit.

The core staple of Coastal Grandma`is the white button up. This piece transitions into the fall perfectly. Pairing this with jeans or your linen pants. Is a perfect late summer outfit. When it gets cold at night, you can throw on a cardigan or sweater and it is still a trendy outfit.

This outfit works later in fall when its colder. However, you can still get some wear out of your summer pieces. By pairing a sweater and jacket with your summer trousers, you are able to create a look that is chic and cozy. Adding a hat still gives a nod to the Coastal Grandma aesthetic, but you would just trade in your straw hat for a cozier one.

Transitioning from summer to fall can be hard fashion wise because you never know how to dress with the temperature drop. Luckily, both styles consist of pretty simple patterns and muted colors. These color and pattern choices make it a seamless transition for multiple seasons. Even if you don’t have every piece from either aesthetic, using the basics like pairing simple colors and patterns together and throwing a blazer on it to keep warm is still helpful.


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