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Camrus Johnson on Becoming the Change


Camrus Johnson wrote the short film Grab My Hands and stars in Batwoman alongside Ruby Rose.
Photo: Greg Vaughan

The actor and director saw an incredible year for his work, which has caught the attention of the Academy.

You may know Camrus Johnson from his role as Luke Fox on the hit series, Batwoman. However, there’s a plethora of creative facets to the young actor that exist behind the camera. Recently, Camrus wrote, directed, and voiced his award-winning short film, Grab My Hand: A Letter to My Dad. The emotional short film has been captivating audiences due to its message. The film was inspired by Camrus' dad, who was grappling with the loss of his little brother. When he didn’t find the right words to comfort his dad, Camrus decided to communicate what he was feeling by doing what he does best: creating art.

“Well it accidentally showed the world, myself included, my deep desire to tell stories from a different perspective. Grab My Hand was always intended to be a surprise present for my dad only, but then I found myself winning awards (currently it is 2-time Oscar-qualified) for what people started calling my “directorial debut” and realized ‘Oh snap, I guess I did direct this? I guess a director?’ It took me a while to be okay with accepting that title because I felt like I didn’t yet deserve it,” Camrus explained.

After seeing his work, it’s nearly impossible to imagine Camrus doubting himself. However, this is one of his many virtues. He is not afraid to be vulnerable in his work, regardless of whether he’s the one in front of the camera or in the writers’ room. Grab My Hand is the kind of film that transcends experiences and languages to deliver a powerful message that anyone and everyone will connect to.

“The film has opened the doors into this beautiful world of other artforms and storytelling. I’ve been approached to direct, pitch, act in animated TV shows, produce other animated shorts, and even write a YA graphic novel because my animated short proved my deep love for this art, even if by accident.”

When Camrus is not immersed in the writers’ room, you can find him solving crime in Gotham City alongside Ruby Rose on the TV Show, Batwoman. In the series, he plays Luke Fox, the extremely intellectual sidekick to Kate Kane, played by Ruby Rose. Luke assists both Batman and Batwoman with their missions using his incredible tech skills.

The second season of Batwoman is projected to hit streaming services early next year, and while Camrus d