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Breaking The "One Aesthetic" Barrier

Cottage core, vsco girls, egirls, kawaii, skater girls, euphoric, the 90s... it can go on and on. Aesthetics are awesome and it is so cool to actually know what they are and what they are called so someone can know what they fall under. But what if you are a kawaii skater girl? Or a 90s cottage core? Who said aesthetics can't blend to be one. I know I'm not one aesthetic and I'm sure others would say they have more than one too. I can't speak for everyone else, but I know that for me I would not be the complex person that I am without all the aesthetics that make me who I am.

I feel that growing up, I have always been lost with identifying the type of vibe I want to radiate.

I feel like myself when I'm wearing my black clothes, with my black platform boots, and dark eye makeup.

Picture from Pinterest

But I get giddy when I see the color yellow or a cottage core dress or even a meadow full of flowers.

I constantly find myself asking to see which aesthetic I fall under?

What defines me?

I even ask friends which aesthetic defines me?

They always tell me I gravitate more toward the dark side

I know that my exterior is dark and strong and euphoric

But my insides are a meadow

with a picnic blanket, a bowl of strawberries, me laying down barefoot in a flowy

Picture From Pinterest

dress with a good book in my hands

It's so hard to choose between two very different aesthetics


I decide not to choose

I am these aesthetics, these make up who I am

There's no rule that says I can't be both