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Every day I am closer to becoming a Disney mom.

The assignments and daily tasks seem to never end. I feel like a full voicemail box, but the calls keep coming. When there are a million things to do, it is hard to keep track of what is on my to-do list.

There is an easy fix for my forgetful brain: MY PLANNER

Before I start praising my little book of dates and lines -- I just want to say I am not that girl who writes in it with 15 different color gel pens. 1) I’m an adult. 2) I’ll be lucky if I even have a pen with me.

My planner is pretty basic. It has the day with a chunk of lines to follow. However, it is all about what I write. I put my assignment deadlines and the meetings I have to attend. I have to beg myself to get something done. It will be a cry for help saying, “Please write this essay, you have two days left.”

I remember in high school, this one girl said her agenda was her lifeline. God, she was right. I feel like I am a TV Guide doing whatever is planned for me. I’m sure if I did not write all my tasks down, there would be zero tasks for me to do.

If you’re not into carrying a small book around with you, there are alternatives. You can make an itinerary for yourself with a calendar application. Google Calendar gives you the option to plan your life out by the minute. You can also color code to make it pretty. Live your life with a busy and pink schedule.

You can make lists on your phone with the Notes and Reminders app. The reminder app is a bit wonky to use, and it has never reminded me of a task .. literally ever. However, the format is nice to make a list. Just remember to look at it. You can never go wrong with the Notes app, just a blank canvas and whatever the hell you want to write. My lists in my Notes app are beyond me. I wrote a log keeping track of watching all ‘The Simpsons’ episodes.

When this semester started, I have not been relaxed. There are easy fixes to keep yourself on track to finish the school year strong.


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