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Ana Valeria Becerril Shines on Netflix's 'Control Z'

The Mexican actress stars in the newest teen drama, which has been described as a Gossip Girl meets social media spin-off.

Who plays Sofia in Control Z? Ana Valeria Becerril stars in Netflix's new teen drama set in Mexico, which is a Gossip Girl meets social media spin-off.
Photo: Netflix

Remember when Gossip Girl characters had to squint to read the gossip about them on their flip phones? Well, Ana Valeria's character, Sofia, definitely can't relate.

'Control Z' focuses on a group of privileged kids who become the target of an anonymous hacker that reveals their secrets through an Instagram-like account.

Ana Valeria plays Sofia, a super observant and introverted student at el Colegio Nacional. But when the hacker threatens to reveal everyone's secrets, Sofia gets involved in a thrilling investigation to discover the person behind the mask–or in this case, behind the account.

Outside of the show, Ana Valeria is a kindred soul.

She's garnered over 650k followers on Instagram, which the actress uses to share parts of her life and artistry, advocate for social justice and feminism, and share bits and pieces of her magnetic personality.

I had a great time chatting with Ana Valeria about her favorites from the show, how it's changed her life, and her favorite spots to go in Mexico City.