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A Rockstar Love Story: Pop Culture’s Latest Obsession with MGK and Megan Fox

“The kind of sex that would make Lucifer clutch his rosary.” - Megan Fox

Actress Megan Fox and artist Machine Gun Kelly kissing
Photo: Pinterest

Everyone is talking about Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s complete and utter infatuation with each other. From their passionate (public) tongue make outs to their synchronous body language, they have an undeniable carnal obsession with each other, and everyone seems to share that obsession with them, too. So, why has the couple captured our attention?

I’ll be the first to admit, having a rockstar boyfriend to match over-the-top outfits and coordinated vibes with sounds like a dream to me. The poetic heart-wrenching song lyrics about you. Singing to you at his concerts. Tagging along on tour. There’s an obvious fascination with the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic within our generation, and all these perks might just have something to do with it. Just look at Kourtney Kardashian and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker; they’ve been attracting the same kind of media attention, and they undoubtedly have a similar vibe.

There is a downside to all of this positive buzz in the media. Many people, especially on Twitter—the way too honest no-chill friend of the social media group—were quick to circulate the ways in which the couple has become “cringe”, even going as far as to mock their overly intimate on-screen encounters. The fact that Megan Fox is older than Machine Gun Kelly, and most importantly, a mother—just like Kourtney Kardashian—hits a nerve with some people. Society seems to hate the idea of a mother not only being happily in love, but also expressing her sexuality in open, forward ways. This most often triggers an overflowing judgmental response from the public.

One user on Twitter posted a clip of Megan Fox and MGK at the Video Music Awards when a reporter had asked her where the inspiration for her look came from, in which Megan responded with "He was like, you're gonna be naked tonight and I was like whatever you say daddy. Whatever daddy says." She also then went on to answer another question with, "He's not allowed to have other hoes in his music video, it's the queen or no one." Obviously this was a harmless and affectionate portrayal of her relationship with MGK, but the user made fun of her actions in the video quoting it with "at her big age," basically saying that she is too old to be acting in such a way with a boyfriend. Another user even commented under the video with, "Can you please delete this she doesn't know what she's saying please she just escaped the asylum, delete this please I'm begging you," obviously the overdramatic and sarcastic twitter humor is evident here, but it still goes to show the horrible way in Megan Fox as been treated since the couple started dating. Although she has been facing extra backlash recently, there was initially a movement of defense for her and how much more she has been involved in the public eye.

I don't love this duo only because I'm living vicariously through the fantasy, but because I have a level of respect for women in the public eye who are so used to being ridiculed for their every move and yet still aren't afraid to express their themselves freely. Megan Fox is a mother, but she's also in love—those two identities aren’t mutually exclusive. And she's going to shout it from every rooftop and kiss her rockstar boyfriend no matter who is watching.


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