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A Love Letter to My Crushes

There's been a lot...

Crush #1

You had big brown eyes, and swoopy hair

The kind Justin Bieber had back in the day

You’d push me on the swings at recess and give me your pudding cups at lunch

We had those stupid nicknames for each other, that we’d shout on the bus

I’d write our names together in my notebook and draw little hearts around it

Hoping you’d feel the same way about me

We were kids back then

With popsicle stained lips and scrapes on our knees

I didn’t know anything about love yet

But I knew how I felt when you looked at me

Crush #2

You were the first guy I wore makeup for

Red lipstick,

Black mascara,

Bright pink blush

You were the new kid in town

So different from all the other boys I had gotten used to

Funny, kind, and smart

No wonder everyone was obsessed with you

I never stood a chance

I’d ‘accidentally’ bump into you in the hallways

Just so I could say hi

I’d ask you for help on the homework that I already finished

Just to talk to you more

It was pathetic

When prom came around I waited for you to ask me

And waited

And waited

Like I said, I never stood a chance

Crush #3

My feelings for you came out of nowhere

One second you were just the guy in my chemistry class

And the next second you were something more

It was the end of senior year

Not a good time to form a crush

But that didn’t stop me

I’d steal your pencils

And tease you at lunch

And secretly hope you liked me too

Graduation came and everything changed

But my feelings for you never faded

Crush #4

Everything about you was different

You were a college boy and I was away from home for the first time

What else is there to say?

You had perfect hair

And a big smile

I was hooked

Sitting next to you in class during orientation

Stumbling into your dorm room after late night parties

It was so easy to fall for you

It was one of those crushes I knew I’d regret

But in that moment, I couldn’t care less




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