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A Sex Recession? In This Economy?

So apparently, we’re having less sex than any other generation?

Image courtesy of the Museum of Sex

Yes, you read that right. The generation with the most dating apps made available to them, the generation who is the most sex-positive, and openly and outwardly public with the nitty-gritty details of their sex lives is falling short of every other generation that has come before us.

BDSM, anal sex, polyamory, all these things that would’ve once been considered taboo, obscene, or perverse are now considered to be kinks, or simply someone’s preferences. Our culture has never been more tolerant of sex in all of its shapes and forms.

These should be booming times for sex (well, maybe not now, given the pandemic we are all living in but I digress).

So why is it that us young adults are not hitting the same numbers as our ancestors before us?

Well for starters, many experts attribute the lack of sex to a decline in couplehood among young people. Fewer people have been getting married and for those who do, it isn’t until much later in life. Think about your parents and grandparents. How old were they when they got married and started having families? And how old you are …

Do you see yourself getting married and popping out kids any time soon? Couldn’t be me.

But who are we kidding, most people who are having sex these days are not doing it for the purpose of procreation.