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8 Scary Movies You Can Watch Alone for Halloween

Horror films are a must for spooky season, but if you get scared easily, this list will help you celebrate the month without losing sleep.

Chris Hemsworth in the movie Cabin in the Woods.
Photo: Lionsgate

1. A Quiet Place

Spooky Meter: 6

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski star in this very silent movie where a family tries to survive an invasion by alien-like monsters with super hearing. While the movie itself is not scary, it is heavily based on sound, which means be prepared for scenes that make you jump. However, you can watch this movie alone, day or night, and it should not create any issues. Besides, Emily Blunt is absolutely amazing and the sequel to the first film is just as good as the first.

2. Get Out

Spooky Meter: 5

Don't get us wrong, the premise of this horror film is by far the scariest and most horrible of this list. However, this scary movie is not the type to make you scared of ghosts or the dark, but instead, it will make you fear other people. If you like plot twists and psychological thrillers, Get Out is a must.

3. Carrie

Spooky Meter: 3

Carrie vintage movie prom scene.
Photo: IMDB

We had to include at least one Stephen King classic in this list. While Carrie has elements of horror in some scenes, the vintage look and feel of the movie make it less scary for modern viewers. If you love teen shows, then Carrie has to be on your list.

4. Cabin in the Woods

Spooky Meter: 5

Chris Hemsworth in Cabin in the Woods horror film.
Photo: Lionsgate

Even with all its comedic elements, Cabin in the Woods is still a horror movie. However, the plot makes the movie digestible for people who are not into scary movies. Besides, it has Chris Hemsworth and that should be a good enough reason to watch it.

5. Train to Busan

Spooky Meter: 2

Train to Busan actors in the train scene.
Photo: Screen Rant

Zombies, but make them faster and deadlier. Train to Busan is a Korean horror film that you'll want to discuss with everyone after you've watched it. Even though it's a scary movie, it has romance, family, survival, and action. Besides, unless you are severely terrified of zombies, we'd say this movie is more of a thriller than a horror film.

6. The Original "Halloween" Movie

Spooky Meter: 6

Jamie Lee Curtis in the first movie of Halloween.
Photo: Digital Spy

You may think we're crazy for adding this movie into the mix, but the first Halloween movie is vintage enough for you to watch it alone. This cult classic can get spooky, especially when the infamous music hits, but the film itself is tolerable because it's so old. Jamie Lee Curtis is also incredible, which is a good enough reason to watch.

7. Final Destination

Spooky Meter: 5

Final Destination tanning salon scene.
Photo: New Line Cinema

Not everyone's going to agree that any of the Final Destination movies are horror, but once you're done, everything around you will become frightening. These movies are so intriguing and keep you guessing the entire time. If you like thrillers with a hint of spookiness, this is for you.

8. Happy Death Day

Spooky Meter: 4

This movie seems defenseless with its college setting and scattered humor, but the murderer with the baby mask is terrifying. Focused on a girl who wakes up on the same day only to get killed by the same creepy stalker, Happy Death Day and Happy Death Day 2 U make for the perfect spooky movie night.


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