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7 Things You Should Always Take Care of After Sex

Remember post-sex care is just as important as foreplay.

When it comes to sex, the heavy emphasis in our society is always placed on foreplay and making sure the mood is just right before the deed. And while that IS important, we often forget about the aftercare that should come as second nature to us.

How to care for your partner after sex:

1. Pee.

First things first, man or woman, you should always pee after sex. No matter what. Remind one another. Peeing after sex can help flush bacteria that was introduced during sex away from your urethra. We are eliminating UTI’s in 2021.

2. Help clean up.

We’re not leaving a plethora of DNA at the crime scene. And by that I mean the bedroom. Or wherever you have sex. Whatever it is, clean it up. It helps to have a washcloth or even toilet paper handy!

3. Bring them water.