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7 Surprising Signs that Your Crush Likes You

Pay attention bestie. It might be happening right under your nose.

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We've all been there. You caught feelings for someone new, and you're desperate to know if they like you back. While the easiest thing to do is telling them (like a psychopath), there are subtle signs that people give when they're into you.

Next time you see your crush, pay attention to these signs. It might be what you need to know before taking the plunge :)

1. They smile when you walk in

And we're not talking about any smile. It's that cheeky one that they can't resist as soon as they see you walking through the door. And better yet, they don't want to hide it. Pay close attention when they first see you, and if their smile is super wide and their face is lit up, then it's a good sign.

2. They remember details that you told them a while ago

I can't promise that your crush will be a good listener. However, when someone's crushing on you they tend to remember small details you mentioned to them, no matter how long it's been. These details can also manifest into things you didn't tell them. For example, if they know you like fries with nacho cheese cause you always get them when you guys go out. These are signs that will surprise you because you probably thought no one noticed them.

3. They put on a show when you're around

This is the hardest sign to notice, but it is clear to other people. If your crush is suddenly trying to put on a stand up show, or using hard enough words that would win them big on Scrabble, then they're trying to impress you. For example, if your crush is typically the quiet, more introverted type but becomes the life of the party when you're around, it might be their way to impress you. Another one could be if they do research on things you're into like your major or a social cause you're passionate about just to start a conversation with you.

4. They are protective of you, even when others tease you as a joke

Super straightforward. If someone in the group is teasing you and they come to your rescue often, it might a sign that they're into you. Obviously, this may only apply if they're teasing you as a joke.

5. They are invested in your goals and accomplishments