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5 Curly hairstyles for an interview

Your interview day is coming up and you’re stressing... it’s the hair, trust me, I KNOW.

Figuring out how to do my hair for an interview is not something I take lightly. Unfortunately, I stress more over my hair than the actual interview itself. Simply because of my natural CURLY hair.

Natural hair has been abhorred, and to this day it still is. The reality is black people have been trying to navigate the system in order to present ourselves as “professional,” because apparently, curly hair isn’t. When walking into an office, (and the world in general), people look at us crazy because of our hair. They assume our hair “isn’t done” because it looks “wild, crazy, or unkept.” If our afros bother you, just say that. These common comments are the reason people with curly hair second guess themselves.

We’re constantly thinking: Is my hair ugly? Does it look “neat” enough? Should I just straighten it?

DO NOT GIVE IN. I haven’t straightened my hair in over two years and my curls have thanked me for it. We shouldn’t have to resort to frying our hair in order to give the impression we’re “professional.” Professionalism comes from so many different aspects: clothes, actions, preparedness, etc. Hair should not dictate that.

Our hair is beautiful. And as long as we dress professionally, “We gon’ be aight!”

So, to all the curly girls who go through the same issue, I’ll show you 5 different hairstyles that can be worn to an interview.

Hairstyle #1: The Classic 'Fro

First up and the most obvious choice to embrace your curls…. LET THAT SHIT OUT! I usually just wear my hair down because I’ve learned to love my curls. My afro makes a statement and for me, I want that.