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5 Curly hairstyles for an interview

Your interview day is coming up and you’re stressing... it’s the hair, trust me, I KNOW.

Figuring out how to do my hair for an interview is not something I take lightly. Unfortunately, I stress more over my hair than the actual interview itself. Simply because of my natural CURLY hair.

Natural hair has been abhorred, and to this day it still is. The reality is black people have been trying to navigate the system in order to present ourselves as “professional,” because apparently, curly hair isn’t. When walking into an office, (and the world in general), people look at us crazy because of our hair. They assume our hair “isn’t done” because it looks “wild, crazy, or unkept.” If our afros bother you, just say that. These common comments are the reason people with curly hair second guess themselves.

We’re constantly thinking: Is my hair ugly? Does it look “neat” enough? Should I just straighten it?

DO NOT GIVE IN. I haven’t straightened my hair in over two years and my curls have thanked me for it. We shouldn’t have to resort to frying our hair in order to give the impression we’re “professional.” Professionalism comes from so many different aspects: clothes, actions, preparedness, etc. Hair should not dictate that.

Our hair is beautiful. And as long as we dress professionally, “We gon’ be aight!”

So, to all the curly girls who go through the same issue, I’ll show you 5 different hairstyles that can be worn to an interview.

Hairstyle #1: The Classic 'Fro

First up and the most obvious choice to embrace your curls…. LET THAT SHIT OUT! I usually just wear my hair down because I’ve learned to love my curls. My afro makes a statement and for me, I want that.

Products: Ouidad’s leave in and gel to define curls, hair serum to break the crunch

Difficulty: ⅘

Amount of time: 5 hours

So, let me explain. When it comes to doing my hair, specifically, leaving my hair down, it means wash day. And I dread wash day given the amount of time it takes, which is why it’s so difficult. If I could just take my hair out of a bun and have it look perfect, I would be in heaven. But unfortunately, as we know, that’s not possible. This hairstyle ensures that you’ll feel the most comfortable while still looking professional and your hair will look great for the rest of the week.

Hairstyle #2: The Front Part Baddie

Moving on to number two. We have a variation of wearing our hair down but slicking back my bangs. If you don’t have bangs, just grab the first two pieces of hair and slick it back.

Products: Ouidad’s leave in and gel, Eco style gel (to slick back the front two pieces)

Difficulty: ⅕

Amount of time: 10 minutes

This hairstyle is super manageable and won’t be too time consuming. (if your hair is already down. If it's not and you have to go through the whole wash day process, it’ll be more time since you have to style it down first.) All it takes is parting your hair, for me I live for the center part. After that just grab a brush and clip those two pieces to the side. It gets your hair out of your face, while still having your hair down.

Hairstyle #3: Business in the Front, Party in the Back

If you really want to get your hair out of your face, this one’s for you. Third hairstyle is just a ponytail. Can’t go wrong with a basic pony!

Products: Eco style gel, leave in for the curls

Difficulty: ⅖

Amount of time: 20 min

When it comes to ponytails, I always need Eco handy. If it’s not slick, I don’t want it which is what makes it more time consuming. The spray bottle has to be equipped with water to the top. Nothing is more annoying than wanting to wet my hair, and there’s barely any water. But then again, that’s just because I’m impatient, lol. I have thick hair, so I need about 2 hair ties at my disposal. To define my curls, I just add a little bit of leave into the ends. This is one of my favorites because I can still have my curls out while having my hair completely tied back.

Hairstyle #4: The Corporate Exec.

Now, we have the updos. Buns will always hold a special place in my heart. A classic top-knot (or if you don’t like the added pressure on your head, like me, lower it a little) will guarantee that your edges are on display.

Products: Eco style gel

Difficulty: ⅗

Amount of time: 25 min

As I stated above, it HAS to be slick. Nothing infuriates me more than fly-aways and frizz which is why I always use gel. When I want extra slickness, I tie my hair down with a scarf to let my hair set. I do have thick hair, so it takes me longer to brush all my hair up which is the most time-consuming part. I usually end up redoing my hair whenever I’m putting it up which also adds to the amount of time I spend on the style. Always ensure hair is wet because you don’t want to end up pulling your hair out while brushing it. For top-knots, I always like a ballerina bun because to me, I like the presence of everything to be sleek. I also use eco to tame my edges

Hairstyle #5: The "She Can Do it All"

I saved this one for last, because it is my go-to. A parted slicked back low bun just screams President to me. It’s my favorite hairstyle, period.

Products: Eco Style gel

Difficulty: ⅗

Amount of time: 15 min

I cannot stress this enough, I love this hairstyle, especially for interviews. I don’t have to worry about my hair being out of place or frizzy, which is one of the major benefits. Unlike a top knot, I don’t have to brush the back of my hair upwards which gives less tension and pull on my head. It takes me less time to do and it’s super quick and easy. I’m a perfectionist, so this might take you less time. I need my part to be immaculate. If you pull out a bendable measuring tape, it needs to be right up on that line. It must be straight! One zig zag, and I will be redoing the part. After my part I just brush both back into a tight low bun with three hair ties. Two to secure the ponytail, then another one to make the bun itself. I prefer doing a ponytail first, then the bun, because there’s no guarantee you’ll do a perfect bun from jump. I really do wear this hairstyle everywhere too. So, if you don’t have this bad boy in your arsenal, remember it now!

These are just 5 hairstyles I typically wear for my own interviews, but there are plenty out there. One thing to remember is that you don’t need to stress. Your hair is beautiful and leaving your curls out will make you just as professional as the next person. Who knows, it’ll even give you some extra spunk!


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