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12 Weird Places to Have Sex

Need help taking your next sex session beyond the bedroom? Don't worry, there are plenty of wild and crazy places out there for you and your partner. Below is a list of actual spots people have done the deed, including skydiving...Deadass.

We have the weirdest craziest places to have sex according gen-z and young people including college students.
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Sex is fucking fantastic, don’t get me wrong. But be honest with yourself. As great as it can be, at times, sex can be a little…


Think about this for a second. Every time you’re hungry, do you always eat in your kitchen? Do you sit at your kitchen table, with the same fork and knife, and eat the same meal? No of course not. Sometimes you journey to Chili's. Adventure on a picnic. Or just eat in your car for a quickie. The point is when you’re hungry, you don’t eat in the same place every time, right? You switch it up. And why do you deviate from routine? Because eating every meal in the kitchen is you guessed it…


It’s the same concept with sex.

Doing the dirty on your squeaky mattress, draped in the same plaid sheets, confined within the same four bland walls gets old. Sure, sex on a bed is comfy and all. But over. And over. And over again?

Routine sucks the excitement out of sex.

However, have no fear a solution is here. The answer to a stale sex life is simple; take things beyond the bedroom. Changing the location of where you get down and dirty will create thrill, adventure, and rejuvenate your mundane routine. Aside from spicing up your bland sex recipe, the experiences and memories created in your new locations will bring you and your partner closer. You can be like, "Remember that one time we had sex while behind a dumpster? Ahh, those were the days." Although there is pleasure in repetition, you'll find greater satisfaction when you adventure off your squeaky mattress.

If you’re currently experiencing a mid-sex life crisis or just want to try something new, there's good news. Below are locations where real people have had sex.... like actually. Feel free to use these as inspiration for your next sex session or just look at them for the sake of pure enjoyment.

*If you do feel inspired to venture beyond the bedroom consider the legality of the location. In most states, public sex is a crime. So yeah, don’t get arrested.

Behind a church

  • Pro - It's definitely a safe place.

  • Con- Jesus is watching.

Photo: Pinterest


Pause. I know you're wondering how the fuck this happened. Well, it did. Each person in the couple was a member of their college skydiving team. Since skydiving wasn't thrilling enough for them they decided to have sex. They prefaced the jump by doing the dirty and then exited the plane as one unit... Unfortunately, they reported, "It doesn't last long while freefalling." So don't worry you're not missing out if you don't have sex while skydiving.

  • Pro- Extreme clout.

  • Con- Apparently sex doesn't last long while plummeting to the earth at 100mph.

Blueberry field

  • Pro- Delicious blueberries are a delicious snack to help you reenergize. Not to mention they're full of antioxidants.

  • Con- Blueberries leave a heck of a stain on clothes.

Professor’s office, with Professor.

  • Pro- Long term gains here (aka a solid grade may come out of this).

  • Con- If things don’t go well you may need to drop the class or switch your major entirely.

In a river, parallel to a baptism.

Another quick pause. This couple went for a hike and decided to get frisky in a river. Well in the midst of their session, they looked across the stream and saw a baptism taking place. "Thankfully we were hidden by some bushes, but Jesus definitely saw."

  • Pro- You're vicariously baptized (you're in the same water, it definitely counts)

  • Con- Despite the baptism, you’re probably going to hell...

Pizzeria parking lot

  • Pro- A post hookup snack is extremely accessible.

  • Con- The smell of pizza may be distracting.

Library bathroom

  • Pro- A perfect 15-20 minute break from studying.

  • Con- You definitely have to be silent, especially in the quiet section. You can barely eat in that place without feeling like everyone wants to murder you...

Photo: Unsplash

Behind a dumpster

  • Pro- You’re probably not gonna get caught because no one walks behind dumpsters.

  • Con- The smell of rotting trash may kill the mood. Also, there is a high probability of raccoons getting involved.

In a public pool, while a stranger was swimming. (but skip the public part)

  • Pro- You're already wet and the cleanup won't be messy at all.

  • Con- The sex positions are limited. Also, there's probably pee in the water.

A bathroom stall at the bar

  • Pro- The definition of a quickie. Perfect if you're horny and can't hang out with your bar buddy after closing time.

  • Cons- A high probability of contracting an STD or life-threatening disease.

Photo: Unsplash

Movie theater

  • Pro- Comfortable seats, yummy popcorn, and fantastic entertainment. It's basically the next level Netflix and chill.

  • Con- The likelihood of spilling your popcorn is dangerously high.

Forest floor

  • Pro- You're one with nature, it's scenic, and there's most likely no one around.

  • Con- Sticks. Leaves. Bugs. Maybe bears. Dirt in places the sun don't shine.


This list contains only a few possibilities of where your next sex spot could be. Don't be afraid to venture beyond the bedroom. Think outside the box (spring). As long as it's legal and you're safe, the world is your bedroom.


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