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10 Movies You Should Watch in Quarantine

A list by Luis Cruz

There’s a crisis right now, and we must do something to prevent it from getting worse. That’s why I’m going to give you 10 movies everyone must watch while staying inside. I hope you enjoy them, and help you imagine that happy ending you need.

About Time (2013)
Photo: NPR

Have you ever wanted to time travel? This film manages to do it, and also sprinkles some romance into it. At 21, Tim, our protagonist, discovers that all the men in his family have the ability to time travel. There are some restrictions, though. Tim cannot change the course of history, but he can change his history. With this newfound ability, he decides to improve his life by looking for love, but will time travel really help him achieve what he hopes for? Being happy, falling in love, finding love and learning to live your life in spite of obstacles are some lessons that this wonderful film, accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack, will give you.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World (2010)
Photo: Empire Online

Scott meets the girl of his dreams, but in order to date her, he must beat her 7 ex-boyfriends–yes, her 7 ex-boyfriends. If you are a big fan of comics or graphic novels, this movie is for you. And if you are not, you should still watch it anyway. Edgar Wright, director of this film, does a spectacular job making you feel part of this world with fantastic montages that were literally adapted from a comic book, absurdly great performances, music that you won’t be able to stop singing, and of course, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers. Prepare your popcorn or favorite snacks, and get ready to meet Scott Pilgrim.

Coraline (2009)
Photo: Laika

Add traveling to other worlds with extravagant characters and impressive settings plus stop motion and you get Coraline, one of the best movies in both animation and history (and one of my personal favorites). This journey works in two ways: the creepy and the amazing. Discovering a secret door in your house will give your life a 180 degree turn and you will have to decide which world you want to live in: the boring and real, or the surprising, but at the same time creepy.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. (2004)
Photo: Siff

Have you had your heart broken? Would you be willing to completely erase that person from your life? After learning that his girlfriend has erased all her memories about him, a guy decides to do the same without taking into account that fate can play with his forgotten memories. Jim Carrey gives us an excellent performance, showing us the pain, grief and how miserable a man can be when he’s heartbroken. Kate Winslet does not fall far behind, playing a joyful woman to the utmost. Putting aside the performances, there’s an incredible script and a great scene under the stars. Here’s a warning though: this movie will make you remember that special someone from your past.

Hereditary (2018)
Photo: IMDB

In the past decade there were many horror premieres, but they all followed the same formula. Ari Aster came to revolutionize the world of terror with his first feature film. After the family matriarch dies, Annie decides to move her family to their old home, but everything starts to go wrong when they start seeing things. The element of terror is impressive, since it does not rely on loud sounds or jumpy scenes. Instead, the tension is created with the handling of the camera and the environment. I can say that this is one of the best horror movies I have ever seen and I know that it will continue to be for a long time.

**Warning: if you’re easily scared you might want to skip this one.

Back to the Future (1985)
Photo: Downtown Greensboro

This movie is about time travel. How do they achieve it? Nonetheless with a DeLorean. This movie is a great classic that everyone has heard of. Feeling like you’re in the 80's and reliving the 50's is something great. The chemistry between Marty and Doc is amazing, and we can’t forget about the make-up. Even though the movie hasn't aged well because the effects are obviously not what they are now, it has captivated older generations and it can definitely capture the younger ones. The best way to watch it is to be open to new ideas and accept that it has been 35 years since its premiere. Enjoy it and travel to the future with Marty McFly.

Knives Out (2019)
Photo: The Boston Globe

Rian Johnson, or as many may know him, "the one who ruined Star Wars"(of course that trilogy was already more ruined than anything), arrives as director and writer of Knives Out. When a great crime novelist dies, Benoit Blanc must take charge of the case and reveal that a member of the family is really the murderer. The film has a great cast including Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, and other great ones. In addition to having one of the best screenplays from last year, such a well-structured story and beautiful photography. One more movie than to have a good time is to analyze it and become another researcher.

Uncut Gems (2019)
Photo: NYT

Adam Sandler in a serious movie… No one saw that coming! But it actually happened and it’s wonderful. Adam Sandler shows his true skills as an actor.

Why didn't he do this before?

The movie is about a jeweler that makes a bet that could earn him a lot of money, but he will have to deal with past mistakes and old bets. This film is created to take you to a level of stress and extreme discomfort, due to the tight shots, the music and the color palette used. You should not take your eyes off the screen at any time! You don’t wanna miss a thing even if it causes you some stress...

La La Land (2016)
Photo: Lionsgate

Sebastian, a jazz pianist, and aspiring actress, Mia, live in the city of stars (Los Angeles). They fall madly in love, but they both have different dreams to pursue and they must put their priorities before love.

This is hands-down the best movie I've ever seen.

It has it all: romance, drama and best of all, it's a musical! Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have incredible chemistry and it shows on screen. Aside from their performances, the film is beautiful. It has a spectacular soundtrack; the songs from "City of Stars" which talk about a city that shines for everyone differently, or "Epilogue" which is 8 minutes of an explosion of feelings. I don't want to go into too much detail so I don't ruin anyone's experience. Watch this movie, truly feel it and appreciate it. Remember that dreams can come true if you work on them.

Bride's Corpse (2005)

Tim Burton during his golden days. This is the definition of one of his better movies. We are introduced to Victor, an insecure boy who has to marry Victoria. When he runs away from his wedding, he accidentally ends up marrying a dead young woman. I was waiting a long time to see this movie. I wanted it to be special and it ended up not being the experience I wanted. I watched it at the wrong time, but I still liked it a lot. What I can highlight the most is the music; Danny Elfman knows how to make incredible music and he has shown it. In my opinion, the message of this film is a bit subjective, but I think the movie is saying that love has no borders. I want to thank Tim Burton for this movie, I just needed to watch something like this.


In the end, the only thing we can do is take care of ourselves as I had previously mentioned, take good care of yourselves and enjoy this wonderful art that is cinema. Thanks for the inspiration and for believing in me. – Luis Cruz


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