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Your Fashion Aesthetic Based on the Spring 2021 Pantone Colors

Need help finding a new look for spring? Feeling like none of your clothes match, and there is no theme in your wardrobe? Don’t do anything crazy like revert back to crochet, leave that one in 2020.

Inspired from the Pantone Spring 2021 Color Trend Report, here are four different aesthetics you can hone based on these four trending colors. I hope these aesthetics help to create a new vibe for your outfits, or add to your growing closet.

Party Pink

Do you spend your weekends snapping “baddie” Instagram pics for your bffs, and taking trips to wherever feels right? Are you a marketing or fashion major? Do you religiously buy jeans from fashion nova? Answering yes to any of these questions? Then welcome to your new aesthetic.

This “Party Pink” color scheme sends a bold message from the “boss babe” clothing choices like Beyonce’s pink suit, Ariana Grande’s signature power pony, Nike sneakers, and glam makeup.

You probably are a campus rep for Shein or Amazon fashion, and love to do a full face of makeup just to “run errands” at Target, but end up leaving the store with $50 worth of make up and the new Sally Hanson gel manicure kit.

If you love going out with your girls, shopping the most luxurious brands, owning your femininity, breaking stereotypes, and making your own rules, then this aesthetic is for you.

Source: Pantone

Pepper Stem

If you’re a fan of this pepper stem shade of green then you probably also love to go thrifting, and are dying to try the new vegan restaurant that just opened up in your town.

Your life is so put together that your daily morning routine consists of yoga, journaling, and oat milk matcha lattes. And your apartment is always clean, and filled from floor to ceiling with snake plants and succulents.

You drive a used Prius and probably major in psychology or english. You’re a part of habitat for humanity on your college campus, and always remember to bring your reusable tote bag when you go grocery shopping at Trader Joes or Whole Foods.

Your friend tried to get you to join a sorority freshman year, you went to day 1 of recruitment and then left, because no one there was ‘down to earth’, and everyone threw their single use water bottles on the quad, and never picked them up.

If this sounds like you, then the older, wiser, sister to sage green, “Pepper Stem”, is your aesthetic.

Source: Pantone

Dream of Cotton

If you love to raid your dad’s wardrobe from the 80’s which mainly consists of medium wash jean jackets and Jos. A. Bank flannels then “Dream of Cotton” is the aesthetic you’ve been looking for.

You’re probably an art history of art education major and you taught yourself how to play the guitar solely from watching youtube videos.

It's no surprise that you probably spend your free time visiting local museums on the weekends. And you’re planning a summer road trip with your friend who’s borrowing his dad’s refurbished 1964 Volkswagen Van.

You believe that gender is a social construct and you’re not afraid to say that at Thanksgiving when your uncle from Pennsylvania asks what Uniqlo is.

Source: Pantone


We get it, you studied abroad in Italy and had an internship at Pinterest, tell us something we don’t know.

Do you love getting cinnamon rolls from the local bakery in your neighborhood every weekend? Is your favorite pastime taking your golden doodle, Dolce, for walks in the park, after you’ve picked up flowers from the stand on the street corner?

Is your closet filled with neutral tone sweaters from H&M and Bershka? Do you workout to the song “Sunday Morning” by Maroon, 5 Yes? Then this warm, creamy shade “Silence” is your aesthetic.

After work you probably read Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur or a book from Oprah’s book club and make yourself a hot chocolate and nutella croissant.

You try to limit your screen time but can’t help yourself from binge watching Bridgerton, and immediately texting your boyfriend that he needs to be more chivalrous.

Source: Pantone

I personally fit into certain parts of all of these aesthetics. I have a little part of each one in my personality, maybe that’s why I overthink everything.

I am an undeniable feminist, I love hyping up my girls, and I definitely have a shopping addiction. I like the finer things in life and I have my own instagram blog.

That being said, I am also an advocate for sustainability, I am obsessed with finding high fashion at thrift stores, I carry tote bags with sassy saying, and I have a dairy free matcha latte every morning.

In a true well rounded form, I also love visiting museums on the weekends, I am currently teaching myself how to play guitar from youtube videos, and I think gender roles are literally fake.

In contrast to all of the above, I did study abroad in Italy and I would give anything to go back, cinnamon rolls are my favorite food, I aspire to have a golden doodle, I adore fresh flowers, and I did binge watch Bridgerton.

Call me crazy, and that would probably be valid, but I am a mix of all four aesthetics. As I write this I’m having flashbacks of the “Divergent” book because I don’t fit into one category, and it’s okay if you don’t either.


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