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Would You Know if Your Partner Struggled with Mental Illness?

A closer look at the effect mental illness can have on relationships.

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I want you.

I need you.

I love you.

Your life can change with just three little words. I know it’s scary. What’s even scarier is not having the strength to say them at all.

Imagine being so crippled by fear that you stay silent out of comfort. It’s easier not to do the thing that scares you, even if it could make you happy. This feeling goes far beyond nerves or insecurities because it’s daunting enough to stop you from going after what you want.

So, as you get ready to say those three words to the person you care about your mouth remains shut. Instead of speaking, you blink away the tears while you try to nurse your broken heart. This is not a fear of commitment.

It’s called anxiety. It’s a mental illness.

Now imagine not hearing from your boyfriend all day. I know it’s easy to assume the worst, but the truth could be something you never even considered. Maybe you’re picturing him hanging out with friends, or maybe even cheating on you. Let me give you secret option C- maybe he’s been crying in bed all day with the covers over his head. He turned his phone off because he didn’t feel like talking to anyone. He’s not avoiding you. He’s avoiding everything.