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Wild Facts About Rushing a Sorority in Alabama

If you're part of Bama Rush Tok, we've got answers to all your questions.

What is Alabama Rush Tok? A large white sorority house from Alabama University with a lot of sorority sisters girls standing outside.
Photo: Pinterest

Why are people obsessed with Alabama colleges recruitment? The south has long been the object of entertainment when the start of a new school year arrives. Big schools, southern accents, and lots of blonde people make up the large majority of the big state schools in Alabama. Down there, rushing for a sorority is a BIG thing. Most of the hype came from horror stories about hazing in the south, but nowadays, thanks to TikTok, recruitment becomes another reality show for people to enjoy. From OOTD (outfit of the day) to making fun of southern accents, Bama Rush TikTok is in full swing. The only thing left to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Why do they insist in calling it recruitment and not rush?

If you have friends in greek like, they probably correct you if you call it "rush" or "rushing" instead of recruitment. Sororities began pushing this to distance themselves from the hazing-heavy movie culture. Not only has recruitment being affected. A lot of terminology that sororities used in the past has been changed to try to change the culture.

There are strict rules during rush week when it comes to interacting with potential new members.

Making a PNM (Potential New Member) feel like they secured a bid in a specific sorority is actually prohibited. As a result, sisters have a lot of rules to avoid making someone feel a bit too confident about their chances. For instance, they can't take a PNM away from the parties for private conversations. No gifts. And surprisingly, no touching (hugs, kisses, etc.) cause this can be seen as a gesture of favoritism.

There's even etiquette for when a recruitment party ends.

There's a time limit for recruitment parties, which is enforced strictly. Sisters will get a subtle nod when their time is almost over, which will have everyone rushed to leave. For every minute the party is still on, the sorority gets fined. When leaving, sisters are not allowed to tell PNMs "See you tomorrow" or "See you later." They don't know who's getting cut, so giving someone subtle hints is frowned upon.

PNMs are not the only ones who have to prepare. Sororities also practice extensively for rush.