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Why You Should NEVER Accept Free Drugs from Strangers

We all like to get fucked up, but we all need to have a limit. Mine is when a stranger offers you free drugs. Let me explain.

Source: Reddit

It was a Tuesday night sometime during the fall semester. A few of my friends and I were way too fucked up for the time (8 P.M.) and the day. While other students may be studying, doing homework, or just relaxing, we were braving the local bars to get plastered amongst the townies.

After an aggressive and unnecessary pregame, the shots began to flow at the bar. We took turns buying rounds. By 9 P.M. we were messed up, but by 10 P.M. we were causing havoc. We were yelling at each other, screaming for the bartender, spilling pints on the wood floor, and shooting our shot at all four of the girls in the bar (even though two of them were around 50 years old if I had to guess).

The crowd around us was nowhere near our level. At least that’s what I thought.

Hours went by and my vision got blurrier. At some point one of my friends - I’ll call him Luke - met this guy in the bathroom. Luke being Luke got a bump of coke from this guy and brought him back to our table.

“Yo, this is my fucking boy!” Luke shouted to our group for this stranger’s introduction. I guess the guy didn’t come with a name. He was a short and stocky man, I thought he was around my age, but he claimed he was 30 or something like that.

Due to the frantic combo going back and forth, I knew this guy’s whole life story in a few minutes. He used to have a wife or girlfriend, then he lost his house or something - I don’t fucking remember.

I don’t remember much at all that night. Somehow we arrived back in my living room after the bar. I’m not sure why, but the random guy was with us, chilling on my couch. I was too fucked up to care.

We all joked, laughed, argued, smoked, and drank more. It was a real blur.

Still, I remember what this random guy said when Luke told him his coke was strong.

“Oh, it’s meth.”

We were silent for a moment.