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Why Love Island UK Is the Best Sex Therapist

I’ve got a text! “Love Island helped my confidence in talking about sex”

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Photo: Variety

I remember the first time I ever heard of Love Island. My best friend told me she had started this show about British singles who were put in a house, and were supposed to find love. My initial thought? Holy shit, anyone who watches this must have way too much time on their hands. My thought process now? Well, let’s just say that I take the obsession to a whole new level. As soon as you watch this show, you will definitely have a similar reaction.

On this show, they talk a lot about sex, and as the relationships progress, the couples will “do bits” (British slang for hooking up/ having sex) as it is a natural thing in relationships. The Islanders often talk about their sex lives, and many of the games they play have sexual innuendos hidden through them. Love Island UK is totally different from what we see here, and this show would be R-rated most likely because it is raunchy at times.

However, despite the culture shock of seeing these sexy singles, as they are often referred to, openly talk about their sex life on international TV was something I found really admirable. In the States, sex is definitely a more common conversation, but there still remains a level of it being too taboo. For example, last season on the Bachelor, when Katie Thurston brought her vibrator on television, many people were the first to slut shame her, just for having a vibrator, while many admire her for her openness and positivity about sex.

When I binge Love Island, I always pick up their lingo and jokes, but the one thing I was shocked to pick up was the openness in talking about sex. As someone who was always afraid to talk about my sex life, I think it is a positive trait to have picked up. With my boyfriend, I would always be afraid to talk about things I liked or didn’t like just because there still is a stigma about sex. I never wanted to step on his toes, but talking about sex is important as both parties want to have a fun, comfortable experience. It also helped me talk about sex more within my friend group, as I was always to shy or nervous. Watching this show and hearing how easy it is to talk about sex helped a lot in my confidence.

I’m not saying if you watch Love Island, you’re going to turn into a sex-pert, but I think by surrounding yourself in a show, movie, book, etc. that is very sex positive can help one become comfortable talking about sex. Whatever your sex life may be, confidence in talking about what you are comfortable with and not comfortable with is super important. Having conversations about sex can totally transform your relationship as your partner will know what your boundaries are.

Love Island has tremendously helped me, and aside from that it’s an awesome reality show. So if you are looking for confidence in talking about sex, or are just looking for a new show to binge watch, Love Island UK is streaming on Hulu!


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