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Who’s Your Skater Girl Alter Ego?

In NYC, the Gen Z girl group from HBO's Betty is making their mark on the primarily male dominating skateboarding community and girls everywhere. Discover your skater girl alter ego.

Instagram: @bettyhbo

After watching Season 1, I was in awe of the effortless cool the five main characters exude both on and off the board. Following the everyday lives of Camille, Honeybear, Indigo, Janay, and Kirt, you can’t help but feel the female empowerment radiating off the screen. Each member of Skate Kitchen has their own unique style, interests, and obstacles. The girls explore sexual relationships and friendships as they also navigate racial and gender prejudice in New York City. In the end, the girls passion for skateboarding and ultimately love for each other makes them stronger as individuals.

Not only does Betty make you want to start skateboarding, but the characters are extremely relatable.

What Betty skater girl is your alter ego?

Camille: You are more reserved and down-to-earth. Your style is gender-fluid and relaxed. You are always trying to improve your skills and you like to keep up with the boys. You find it a little harder to open up to others, but when you do your personality shines through.

Honeybear: You are sweet and shy, and love to observe people. You express yourself through your colorful style. You love filming your friends when they are doing their thing, and they love you for your ability to capture the moment.

Indigo: You are confident and chill, and enjoy sharing a joint with friends. You have the freshest street style with a slight rich-girl edge. You have a strong independent nature that can sometimes get you in trouble, but you know what is worth fighting for.

Janay: You are loyal and self-assured. You have a casual sporty style and are always on the move. You can be a little stubborn, but you would do anything for your besties. You bring the group together and bring out the best in people.

Kirt: You are childlike and lovable. The “stoner” of the group. You love a baggy tie-dye t-shirt and trucker hat. You keep an open-mind and aren’t afraid to call out people on their bullshit. You have a great sense of humor and feel passionately about the people and topics you care about, even if you go a little overboard sometimes.

I think we can all agree we love an alter ego. And who wouldn’t want to be a member of the Betty girl group? These Gen Z skaters are empowering females everywhere to take up space in everything they do.

Follow the real life skaters of Skate Kitchen on IG!

Honeybear: @moonbeardiedhere

Indigo: @ajani


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