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Which Tarot Card Describes Your 2020?

Whether it was the end of all things, you're completely avoided all forms of life and responsibility, or you just got through it, there is a tarot card waiting for you!

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How To Read:

I have worked with one of my tarot decks to reveal the perfect set of cards for all my sweet readers.

Read the names of each card, look at the pictures, read my little blurbs, grab what resonates with you, drop what doesn’t.

If you are reading something that literally feels so off about your life, it's not meant for you honey!! You will know when it’s something you are supposed to read, you will 100% be like “OMG whatttt that’s so fucking true!!!!” I promise!

Now take a deep breath and read on my little witches.

The Hermit
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Yup, you’ve guessed it!! You are that anti-social bitch and you are LIVING for it!

You were able to create a space for yourself and discover who you are.

You went into hiding and let the universe guide you through this weird fucking year.

You might have felt inspiration to succeed, craving new hobbies or maybe even starting your own online business.

You took this time to simply deal with your emotions, thoughts, and desires.

You also could’ve just loved to take time off from the social life, living for self-care and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

This card is guiding you to continue your inner journey, whether with a mentor or by yourself. It is OKAY to take time off from life, it is actually quite necessary in my book.

The card is telling you to just take a step back, there is no need to make major decisions during this time. If you haven’t really let yourself go yet, if you are holding back from releasing your worldly stresses, The Hermit card is URGING you to do so.

It is time for meditation, enjoying your bf or gf, saving money, bubble baths, and having home-cooked meals from mom.

Three of Cups
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Cheers party animals!!!! Calling all my alcoholics!! This one's for you!!

This card is all about the girls nights, fuzzy weekends, and darties galore!

You were thatttt queen or king surviving quarantine through bottles of tequila and wine.

6 feet apart gatherings were in your driveway, and nothing is stopping you from it.

And if you weren’t the drinking type, you felt the urge for creativity.

You are changing your room around for the third time, painting an accent wall and making resin jewelry dishes.

You’ve been attempting to make your own cornhole set or painting a beer pong table for a very sad hope of partying during fall semester.

This card is urging you to just let shit go. Have fun, keep enjoying life, and continue to not let anyone or anything rain on your parade!

It is time for your creative brain to get in gear, if you are wondering whether or not your talents will be seen, DO IT and don’t look back.

It’s time to spend time with your friends again, your life is thriving off good people and good energy right now!!!

Eight of Swords
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All I have to say is that it has not been your year.

You feel like the world is against you and everything that has happened is one shitty experience after the other.

You might have been let go from your job or it hasn’t even re-opened yet.

You feel so anxious about everything that you do not know what to do next.

You feel as if life *cough* and people *cough* have picked sides, and they did nottt pick yours.

This card isn’t saying that you're shit out of luck, but rather is it time to untie the bonds that have been holding you back.

Let go of people that only cause weight on your shoulders! Find a job that brings light to your talents and desires!

It does take time and confidence within yourself to be able to let go of these bonds, but when the time is right (and you will just know when that time is) you will become a brand new person!!

This card is telling you that yes, life sucks, but you are only in a low right now and just around the corner will be a high that makes it all worth it.

The Tower
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Life hit you like a brick wall, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing.

The sudden end of a dream, job, relationship, or whatever it was left you confused on what your next moves should be.

You couldn’t move into your apartment or you didn’t get the bid on the perfect house.

Relationships with friends or a boo thang might have shone a light you didn’t know existed. Your car got totaled and you left with a bus pass.

You might not think that anything good can come of this ending, but justtt wait.

This card has got something in store for you that you won’t see coming.

The walls of the tower come crumbling down, but in the same moment everything is lit up by the destruction.

You can see inside the tower, inside yourself, and discover parts you didn’t know were there.

With these walls torn down comes opportunity for hidden talents and dreams to flourish that will shock you.

The message this card has for you is to just simply surrender.

Don’t try to rebuild the walls that were meant to be destroyed.

Six of Wands
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Grab the champagne glasses, you are getting that promotion!

This card shows that whatever you have been working on, a project at work, on contract on that new car, the internship you applied for, it is all coming together!!

All your hard work is paying off, it is time for you to be rewarded baby!!

Not only on the work front, but good news in any aspect can be expected (it’s time to tell your crush that you like them)

This card is telling you to be prepared for rewards and not be afraid to tell your friends and family about it! They are going to want to celebrate with you!

You deserve this, but don’t let it convince you that you can stop putting in effort. Your job will want to see continued success, that internship is going to want to see the best out of you, your crush is itching to go on a date with you!!

This card wants you to work hard, kick ass, and bask in the glory of happy success.

Two of Pentacles
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You've been trying to balance everything, haven’t you?

Finding a good relationship between work life and personal life?

Managing your finances?

Well, sweetheart you are in luck! If you continue to budget and spend money strategically, everything will work out just fine.

Balancing work, making money, and still having a social life could have been slightly difficult during earlier 2020, but soon all of it will just flow together nicely.

This card not only is telling you that everything is going to balance itself out, but if you have been going back and forth between two choices, it is the right time to choose!!

Listen to your gut, you can feel which one is the right decision, just go for it!

This card is tellingggg you that whatever your decision will be is the right one.

And I know this last little bit sounds off from the whole card reading but I am being told to add it...important news that you have been expecting might come through a letter or email so look out for something.


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