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Which Tarot Card Describes Your 2020?

Whether it was the end of all things, you're completely avoided all forms of life and responsibility, or you just got through it, there is a tarot card waiting for you!

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How To Read:

I have worked with one of my tarot decks to reveal the perfect set of cards for all my sweet readers.

Read the names of each card, look at the pictures, read my little blurbs, grab what resonates with you, drop what doesn’t.

If you are reading something that literally feels so off about your life, it's not meant for you honey!! You will know when it’s something you are supposed to read, you will 100% be like “OMG whatttt that’s so fucking true!!!!” I promise!

Now take a deep breath and read on my little witches.

The Hermit
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Yup, you’ve guessed it!! You are that anti-social bitch and you are LIVING for it!

You were able to create a space for yourself and discover who you are.

You went into hiding and let the universe guide you through this weird fucking year.

You might have felt inspiration to succeed, craving new hobbies or maybe even starting your own online business.