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Which Country Takes Gold For Best Olympic Style?

The Olympics - the most competitive international sporting event in the world. Who knew that this major sporting event would be a hub for… fashion?

Though people typically watch the Olympic games for the sports, it’s actually a great place to take note of the variety of athletic uniforms and warm up gear.

As a former collegiate cross country runner, I never missed out on watching the Olympics. In fact, one of my favorite aspects of watching the Olympics was observing the athletes' uniforms. Each country has their own Olympic clothing collection developed before each Olympic games. These collections are usually released by athletic wear giants, Nike and Adidas.

These collections typically consist of: jerseys, singlets, shorts, tights, jackets, pants, and even socks.

The Olympics are the perfect opportunity for each country and its distributor to be creative with how they want their athletes to look.

In order to make the decision of which country has the best team style, I'm going to award the top three with either a gold, silver or bronze medal. The results are based on the 2012 and 2016 Olympic games and how creative each team collection looked.

That being said I have to award the BRONZE MEDAL to:


Source: Pinterest