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Where to Shop the Best Repurposed Luxury Items

Anyone who is an avid thrifter like myself knows that to find the best pieces, sometimes you have to dig through boxes, visit dusty old homes, and be sure to wash and sanitize everything. Which can all add up to a less than glamorous process.

Recently small businesses have started to bring luxury to thrifting and slow fashion.

source: @theluxlooks on Instagram

source: @reworkedclothing on Instagram

Through recycling and repurposing, brands like Second Life Jewels and Clara Jane Vintage have given designer pieces a new life.

One of my personal favorite trends of 2020 were the repurposed Louis Vuitton locks turned into chunky gold chain necklaces.

source: pinterest

But these vintage jewelry shops have blown me away with new and creative ways to recycle designer pieces.

Clara Jane Vintage owner, Eugina von Olnhausen, said she always wondered what people did with pre-loved designer items, and now she can tell you first hand, as a successful business owner.