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When You Should Listen to Your Gut, Because It Knows What It’s Talking About

We all know it—that funny, fuzzy feeling you get in the pit of your stomach telling you something is wrong, or even right. That’s your gut instinct. And yes, sometimes you should listen to it.

Research has proved that certain brain functions, such as the processing of certain emotions, can register as physical feelings in the “gut”. It’s called the gut-brain connection.

Another way to understand this feeling is by thinking of it as your intuition, or your instincts. Many people are skeptical about the idea of trusting your intuition, but these gut feelings aren’t useless. They come from somewhere, likely as a result of your brain understanding and processing certain things that it’s experienced before. So, ultimately, it’s just your brain doing what it’s supposed to do. Trusting your intuition means that you trust yourself, and trusting yourself is how you can ensure that your relationships and the conditions of your life are up to your standards: healthy, and, most importantly, happy.

Here are a few scenarios in which you should absolutely listen to your gut.

When you have a weird feeling about your partner’s intentions

Okay, so please do not take this as a sign to go break up with your partner, start an argument unprovoked, or try to do any secret detective work on your own. Well, at least not right away.

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