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When Villains Become Heroes & Other Dangerous Things

Hector Gutierrez

**Very Mild Spoilers Ahead

Source: The New Yorker
I always wanted to be Robin growing up.

Partially because he didn't carry the burden of Gotham City like Batman did, and still got to wear a costume. Not to mention, his mask seemed far more comfortable than that of other heroes.

Robin is young, allowed to mess up, and hardly ever becomes a disappointment to the inactive yet very opinionated residents of Gotham City. It's the best set up possible.But the debate for children today, as I learned while riding the subway this morning, is no longer Batman or Robin–but Joker or Batman.

If you've watched Joker and its scene in the subway, you'll agree with me that it's a disturbing scenario, especially when you live in New York City. This morning I sort of relived a cinematic moment with much less Joker (thankfully).

Heading uptown on the 1 train, a little child boarded our car wearing a Joker mask.

Everyone made this face: