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What Your Pinterest Says About Your Style

Pinterest has become the center hub of almost all things that interest the user; the more posts you pin, the more your “For You Page” will look like your aesthetic. While looking at these screenshots from my friends’ Pinterest pages I was able to analyze a lot about their styles. Here is what your Pinterest page says about your personal style:

1. Tripping Out

You like the trippy side to fashion. You’re usually wearing a pattern that looks eclectic and modern. The more interesting the design, the better. Crop tops and wide legged pants are your comfort and round sunnies are your favorite accessory (along with a few chunky rings of course). You probably have too many tie dye sweatpants in your closet and a box of art posters you can’t find a place for quite yet. You live your life with love and you follow every adventure.

Places you’ll love to shop: Nasty Gal, Layers of Jewelry, COLLUSION at ASOS

2. Chic Romance

You’re a romantic at heart. You get inspired by shows like “Bridgerton” for your favorite corset layering looks. But your romantic style takes on many layers; Whether you are going to the beach in a cute two piece at sunset, or heading to a movie date in the 70s, you find the romance in every decade. Designs change like the times, but the love and romance is always at the center of your style.

Places you’ll love to shop: With Jéan, ZARA, Lucy in the Sky

3. Nostalgia Dad

You have a nostalgic kind of style. You wear your parents’ old sweater vests and cardigans and make them fashionable again with mini clutches and low buns. You mix the new with the old and aren’t afraid to change it up. You tend to gravitate towards more earthy nature tones. The cozier the cuter. Who says beauty has to be pain?

Places you’ll love to shop: depop, ASOS Marketplace, Shein

4. Prairie Fairy

You love pastels, tulle, flowy, and everything floral print. Your favorite pieces are both the comfiest and give dancing-in-a-field-of-flowers energy. Your style icons are Stevie Nicks, Kacey Musgraves, and Florence and the Machine. You’re not scared to go all out with your makeup to help enhance your aesthetic even more. You listen to Phoebe Bridgers and watch Bob Ross on weekends. No matter where you go, you’ll bring your style with you.

Places you’ll love to shop: LAZY OAF, Free People, MinkPink

5. Statement Piece

Everything you wear seems to be done in such an aesthetically pleasing way. Mixing colors and patterns, you appreciate a fun statement whether it be printed pants, funky beanies, color-blocked cardigans, or even an oversized bag or hoodie. You awaken every room you enter and never go a day without someone asking you where you got that statement piece.

Places you’ll love to shop: ASOS, Nasty Gal, Bershka

6. Earth Mama

You truly love life and everything that comes with it. Your house is full of plants and books, and your closet is full of a wide variety of moods to match your ever-growing interests. Because you get bored easier than others, you almost always have a new pair of jeans, tops, jewelry, and sandals to add to your gravitation to boho.

Places you’ll love to shop: TOBI, MANGO, PULL & BEAR

7. Stop and Stare

Short skirts, high waisted flare pants, platform boots, faux fur are all your go too’s. You are cool as fuck. You aren’t scared to rock low waisted bottoms and you never let the clothes wear you. Simple accessories- like a necklace and earrings- are your muse. There’s no such thing as one statement piece because your whole outfit is always full of them. People don’t even have to see your face to know that you own that outfit; everything in that closet screams you.

Places you’ll love to shop: I.AM.GIA, Motel Rocks , Public Desire

8. Color is Overrated

Chains, Doc Martens, plaid, layers are staple pieces in your wardrobe. You like the darkness and the blacker and more neutral the better. When it comes to brighter colors, you are usually letting your hair handle that. You know what you like and you’re one of the most confident people in the room. You aren’t scared to over layer jewelry / accessories and never miss the mark.

Places you’ll love to shop: Dolls Kill, I.AM.GIA, AKIRA

Pinterest is a place for individual expression and it is so fun to explore that with so many different people. You can learn a lot about someone when sharing your “For You Page” with them. It may even inspire you in ways you never expected.


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