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What Your Drink of Choice Says About How You Study

Ever wonder what your drink of choice says about your studying habits? Probably not, but I’m going to tell you anyways.

Source: Pinterest

Bud Light

This is probably your first time opening a book in months. You have to cram several weeks of notes and bullshit discussion responses into one night; it should be impossible and you know it.

What’s going to settle your nerves? A Bud Light that has been hidden in the back of the fridge since the beginning of the semester, of course.

Tequila Shots

You think you can ingest $50 worth of tequila at the bar on Saturday and wake up in good enough shape to study on Sunday.

Wrong. You’re just not studying.


You’ve been studying for the last two weeks and probably answered every single question the professor had over Zoom.

Is a glass of red wine necessary while you look over your notes on a Sunday night? No, but you know you look boujee and that you’re slightly better than your hard seltzer drinking peers.

UV Blue

Not a whole lot of studying to do since you’re probably in high school.