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What's Your November?

Inspired by Tyler the Creator.

one of my favorite questions to ask others, and to ask myself. “november” is the time in your life you’d single-handedly build a time machine to go back to even if it meant you could only hold onto it for a single moment longer.

tyler the creator’s “november” off his fourth studio album flower boy is pure nostalgia for three minutes and forty-six seconds.

can we go back to november? take me back to november.
hawaiian shirts in the winter
deep thoughts, deep thoughts
naw, take me back to november, wassup

“november” has been such a prevalent term in my friends’ and i’s rhetoric -- asking each other about our november's has been tradition for years, despite us not knowing we were actually living in them at the time we were asking. i miss those days where everything was so happy and i had so much hope. november felt like it was coming soon but i hadn’t realized my november was right then. i’m much more cynical now.

tell me, what’s your november? is it a person?
mine was the summer ‘06, i remember

the feeling you don’t think you will ever get to experience again. at least not in the same way.

your november can be a lot of things. a time in your life, a season, a holiday, a feeling. your november can be a person. your november can be happy or it can be sad. it can also somehow be both.

my friends’ answers have changed over the years but mine hasn’t. i don’t know if i’ll ever reach november's level of pleasure ever again despite it being rooted entirely in pain.

i think that’s the thing about november -- you don’t realize you’re in november until a friend asks you about it later.

november is cruel in its very nature.

take me back, take me back
take me back, take me back, take me back
take me back, take me back, take me back
i ain't doin' fine
lost my mothafuckin' mind, time travel back and help me find
take me back take me back

i asked some friends and instagram followers to reflect on and share their novembers. here are their answers:

you, reading this --

what's your november?


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