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What Music Does The Queen of England Like?

If you've wondered what music is playing at Kensington Palace, then you've reached the right place. Keep reading to find out what the Queen loves.

Photo: Vanity Fair

Queen Elizabeth has long been a hot topic of discussion. Her story, which has been popularized across the globe by the Netflix series "The Crown" is worth the conversations. However, no one really talks about the more mundane aspects of Queen Elizabeth's life.

For example, what does she listen to these days?

In BBC's documentary about the Queen titled "Our Queen: 90 Musical Years" the answer is finally revealed.

"The Queen loves the theatre and musicals like Showboat, Oklahoma! and Annie Get Your Gun," her cousin, Lady Elizabeth Anson, told BBC. She added, "The Queen is a fantastic dancer. She's got great rhythm."

In the documentary, a playlist with the Queen's 10 favorite was revealed. Not only is the Queen a fan of musicals like Oklahoma!, but there is even mention that her taste in music is "mainstream."

Modern songs that made the list include Sing, performed by Gary Barlow and the Commonwealth Band featuring the Military Wives.

According to the documentary, these are Queen Elizabeth's favorite songs:

  • Oklahoma! by Howard Keel

  • Anything You Can Do (Annie Get Your Gun) by Dolores Gray and Bill Johnson

  • Sing by Gary Barlow and the Commonwealth Band featuring the Military Wives

  • Cheek to Cheek by Fred Astaire

  • The White Cliffs Of Dover by Vera Lynn

  • Leaning on a Lamp-post by George Formby

  • Praise, My Soul, The King Of Heaven (hymn)

  • The Lord is My Shepherd (hymn)

  • Lester Lanin Medley

  • Regimental March Milanollo


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