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What The Hell Is Post Nut Clarity?

Have you ever experienced that “aha” moment post-sex? Well, believe it or not, it's actually a thing for a lot of people. Below lies a dissection about what is it and why you feel that ~magical~ feeling.

(Image from Men's Health)

Let me paint a picture for you. It's the opening scene. You and your partner are getting down and dirty and then... BOOM. That magic moment. The end game has been accomplished and now, you're at ease.

Mission complete.

But minutes after that big orgasm, your mind has never felt clearer. For some reason, you almost feel enlightened.

What is this sensation?

Well, brother (or anyone reading) listen up.

You're experiencing Post Nut Clarity.

Post Nut Clarity isn’t necessarily that moment after sex where you think, what the fuck just happened? No. It’s almost like a boost to your mind.

For instance, maybe you’ve been struggling with school work, and it clicks. Or you totally have procrastinated some of your work and now you have a whole new sense of urgency. It’s crazy what a little release could do for you.

If it hasn’t been made clear so far, let me help you understand what this phenomenon means.

Urban Dictionary defines this magical feeling as follows:

Post Nut Clarity (n): The immediate clear-mindedness or soberness an individual gains after [finishing].