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Welcome to the Glorious Era of Rome Flynn

The How to Get Away with Murder star opens up about the many roles he's embodied this last year alone and the unique album that's on the way.

Photo: Ben Pham

Rome Flynn has had a busy year.

The actor’s range is no joke. From playing a law student investigating the death of his estranged father to a former Olympic coach training a young boy with superpowers, Rome has set an example of versatility in the roles he embodies.

And this doesn’t happen by pure coincidence.

The actor knows and understands that portraying a character goes beyond wearing a temporary mask. It relies on bearing his soul to an audience, and respecting the significance that a fictional symbol represents to many. In this industry, a role can make or break a career.

How is he navigating this? When reading a script, Rome Flynn seeks out purpose.


“For the past few years, I’ve been really specific about the jobs that I’ve taken. None of it has been by chance or by accident. I’ve turned down a lot of jobs simply because I’m really trying to navigate this in a way that it gives me longevity. I’m not in a rush to just do anything. Every time I do a show or a project, it needs to have a purpose behind it,” said Rome.


Last year, Rome wrapped up one of his biggest projects to date: Shonda Rhimes’ drama, How to Get Away with Murder. This suspense-filled legal series centers around a brilliant professor and a group of ambitious students who become entangled on a series of illegal events that shake their entire university and town. In the final season, Rome embodies Gabriel Maddox, a charming new student who holds a secret agenda.

Not only did How to Get Away with Murder offer Rome more experience, but he had the opportunity to share the camera with Oscar-winner, Viola Davis. Rome describes working with Viola as an “incredible learning experience.”

For many, this show introduced them to the Chicago native’s talent.