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How to Spend Valentine's Day Alone and Not Be Sad About It

For some, the most dreaded weekend of the year is here, and while roses are in full bloom and chocolate shelves get emptied out, being single is the best thing to be.

What to do on Valentine's Day Weekend if you're single and happy about it? Here are some tips on how to have the best Valentine's Day without a boyfriend.
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If you are single in New York, the most dreaded weekend awaits. It's Valentine's Day and every florist in the city knows it. Between now and Monday morning, every deli, bodega, and flower shop will be happy to remind you of this holiday. And if you're single, this can get annoying very quickly. However, being single in Valentine's Day weekend is the perfect excuse to spend time with the most important person in your life: you.

So, if you're looking for ways to spend Valentine's Day alone without feeling sad, we've got your back.

Treat Yourself, But for Real

This phrase is rarely in our vocabulary. It's been watered down by brands to get you to purchase shit. However, treating yourself this weekend is not a bad idea. What does treating yourself mean? Easy.


The best way to spend Valentine's Day weekend alone is by finding a buddy who's on the same boat. It doesn't matter if you see potential in them beyond the weekend or they're just a one-time thing, getting under someone is the best way to get over your single status.

Go on a Solo Date to The MET

If sex isn't on the cards or you're spending the holiday alone because your significant other is tied up or a hundred miles away, don't fret. You might be against the "solo date" idea because it gives you social anxiety.

What are people gonna say? Do I look lonely eating alone?

If this is you, then we understand. Doing something you're afraid of is a great first step in your confidence journey, but if this weekend is all about fun. So, if you are looking for solo date ideas without the social anxiety, there is one place we recommend.

The MET is our favorite for many reasons, but mostly because it's always packed during the weekend. Unlike the movie theaters, restaurants, and rooftop bars, a museum like The MET is the ideal spot for a solo date. Wander around with your headphones and appreciate the art without worrying what people might think. After all, there will be so many you'll get your peace. If you're feeling adventurous, we recommend grabbing your favorite book for a noon or afternoon drink at your favorite bar. You won't see any couples there until late night, so it's a safe place to be during the day.

Dinner for Two, Without the Guilt of Eating for Two

Sweets are expensive this weekend, so steer clear from those aisles until Monday night. But if you're more of a "stay in and watch your favorite rom com" kind of person, then this weekend is the perfect excuse to indulge in your favorite food and enjoy a classic rom com like "The Notebook" or distract yourself with a fright show like "The Haunting of Hill House."

Either way, splurge on your favorite foods and snacks because you deserve it.

Reach Out to an Old Friend

What are your other single friends doing? This weekend is the perfect time to reach out to that friend you haven't spoken to in a while, or finally accept your coworkers' invite to grab drinks. Hell, we even recommend calling your parents if they don't have plans. As couples use the holiday to celebrate their love, you can join the celebration by reconnecting with people you love.

Screw Couples, It's Just Another Weekend

If you are anti-valentine's day or are simply enjoying your single-hood too much, then we suggest you head straight for the shark infested waters. Find the nearest Trader Joe's and gather all the supplies you need for a picnic. Bring your friends or go solo, a picnic it's the ideal solo date (especially as this weekend is forecast to bring warmth to New York). Throw in your favorite book, headphones, and a magazine, and you're all set.


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