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Ways to Reduce Your Waste

A List by Cristina Gutierrez


Credit to UnSplash

The planet is dying. And here you are reading an article on how to help because you realize how selfish it is of you to take a lot from our planet, but still think you aren't big enough to make a change...WRONG!

Check out these easy ways for any bad, lazy person to become a good, lazy person:

1. Carry a Reusable Water Bottle

Or if you consider yourself a hipster, carry a mason jar. Just imagine the first time you bought a water bottle in your life; now, think of how many you have bought to this point in your life. Now, imagine all the bottles in the world floating in the ocean. Yup, we don’t deserve nice beaches. 

Credit to UnSplash

2. STOP Paper Mail

We're millennials and Gen Z's–that's not a thing anymore. Enroll all your bank statements and bills on paperless email. 

3. Buy Smart

For the gals, try using non-disposable feminine hygiene products such as a menstrual cup. It helps you by being easy to use, saves money by saying goodbye to buying tampons or pads ever again, it's more comfortable, and lasts longer while having less chances of getting infections and TSS. 

4. Eco- Friendly Grocery Shopping