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Ways to Reduce Your Waste

A List by Cristina Gutierrez


Credit to UnSplash

The planet is dying. And here you are reading an article on how to help because you realize how selfish it is of you to take a lot from our planet, but still think you aren't big enough to make a change...WRONG!

Check out these easy ways for any bad, lazy person to become a good, lazy person:

1. Carry a Reusable Water Bottle

Or if you consider yourself a hipster, carry a mason jar. Just imagine the first time you bought a water bottle in your life; now, think of how many you have bought to this point in your life. Now, imagine all the bottles in the world floating in the ocean. Yup, we don’t deserve nice beaches. 

Credit to UnSplash

2. STOP Paper Mail

We're millennials and Gen Z's–that's not a thing anymore. Enroll all your bank statements and bills on paperless email. 

3. Buy Smart

For the gals, try using non-disposable feminine hygiene products such as a menstrual cup. It helps you by being easy to use, saves money by saying goodbye to buying tampons or pads ever again, it's more comfortable, and lasts longer while having less chances of getting infections and TSS. 

4. Eco- Friendly Grocery Shopping

Bring your own reusable bags for grocery shopping. It makes you look good because you are helping the planet, and makes others feel bad about not caring enough to do the same. Hopefully next time when someone sees you, they will decide to bring their own too. 

Credit to UnSplash

5. Fast-Fashion is No Longer In

Donate your old clothes to charity, or exchange them with your friends, or give them to a homeless person. In fact, every object you think is useless and are about to throw in the trash, could be of use for someone else.

6. Eat Less Meat

No, I’m not saying go strictly vegan because that will make you shut down the computer and go eat chicken wings to make a statement. I am aware that if I don’t eat the cow, the person next to me (my brother) will eat it. BUT animal agriculture generates the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as all the cars in the world. If this fact doesn't do it for you, then just think about how it can help you lose weight, feel better, clear your skin, and improve your health. Cheers to less meat and more greens.

7. Plastic's the Real Enemy

Try avoiding any plastic wrapped products. I know is hard, but there is always a second option and if you want your grandchildren to grow up knowing what a blue ocean looks like, then that extra effort is worth it. If you are not planning on having children, just think about your future dog not being able to run in a green, clean looking park. HOW COULD YOU NOT CARE?!

Credit to UnSplash

8. Recycle, Duh!

We think we know how, but we all struggle before dropping that coffee cup or snack wrap into the recycle bin. “Mmm I did the non- recycle bin yesterday so recycling one should be today.” WRONG KAREN! 

9. You Don't Need That

Have you ever stopped completely what you are doing to think:

“Do I really need this pair of shoes that are amazingly good looking BUT I have other 17 amazingly looking shoes back at home?”

That’s right, you don’t because you are a victim of fashion and we all have been there. But think about how many amazing pair of shoes you use a good five times and that’s it. You will learn to appreciate your clothes more, save money, and get creative by matching different outfits. 

10. Do Something!

Don’t be part of the 99% that are inspired to change and then do nothing. This is our home, and if older people don’t care, then we should care for ourselves and for our future family. Nobody wants to live in a dump no matter what country and city you are in. So don’t wait until it's impossible to see the stars at night. Change your habits now and hopefully by the time you are 50,  we won’t be needing pollution masks. 

Credit to UnSplash


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