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Virtual Interviews Are Not A Pass To Dress Unprofessionally

Virtual interviews are the new norm, and with this may come the temptation to wear sweatpants during a possible life-changing career move.

PC: Unsplash

If there’s one thing the pandemic has accomplished to make our lives easier, it’s allowing us to do our jobs from the comfort of our homes.

My work mainly consists of attending Zoom meetings for my 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. classes, but there’s nothing better than being able to lounge around in a cute top paired with the pajama pants I wore the night before.

I can be kind of lazy in the morning, only changing the clothes that are visible to everyone else on the Zoom call (when my video isn’t off, of course, because I have a bad habit of not even turning on the camera).

But there are some occasions that your camera just can’t be off, and you must dress professionally no matter how much of you the other person can see—one of these occasions being a virtual interview.

Remote recruiting is the new norm, and it’s tempting to continue wearing your pajama pants like me. But there are ways to incorporate a professional look into your interview that will have you feeling confident and like a boss, even if your interview is in the morning.



A suit is a classic. In every class I've taken on resume and cover letter writing and interviewing, the instructor always said to wear a suit if the job’s environment calls for it. (Like, maybe you shouldn’t wear a suit if you’re going to interview as a waitress or retail sales associate, so you get the point).

A way to make it more unique to you is to opt for a patterned suit over a solid colored one, or if a solid one works for you, go for it. I’ve found that suits are comfortable and much less restricting than, lets say, the usual black pants.

Now, you're probably wondering: why would I have to change my pants if no one can see them?

And my response would be: have you seen those embarrassing quarantine videos where people are in meetings and don’t realize they haven’t turned off their cameras, only to stand up and you see nothing but their ass cheeks and underwear?