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Using Moments of Peace to Romanticize Your Life

Big Time Rush once said, “It’s the only life you got, so you gotta live it big time.”

Emma Watson | Perks of Being a Wallflower

No shade to influencers like Lexi Hidalgo or Hannah Meloche (love you guys), but I don’t have the money or resources to just pack up my life and move to Hawaii. I’ve been scrolling through tiktok, and I‘ve seen so many influencers up and move to dreamy destinations where they focus on themselves and romanticize their life.

One can only dream of doing that exact same thing right? Wrong. You don’t need to up and move, you can romanticize your life right here, right now.

It definitely feels overwhelming with everyone telling you to truly love your life, you have to do this, that or the other. Really, it’s quite simple. In order to find what’s new and exciting, you have to be able to look for it in the smallest ways. Sometimes the newest thing in your everyday life could be stumbling upon a new coffee order. When romanticizing your life, it’s not looking for the most grand experiences, but rather how you handle the moments we are typically able to overlook.

Focus on the little things.

The most viral videos, or most beautiful pictures have come from when someone took in a moment that could typically be overlooked and decided to share that moment. Whether it be the way the morning light hits your kitchen, some wildflowers on the side of the highway, or even your mom smiling, whatever it may be, capturing that moment is something to make you love your life that much more. These little things that we see every day and gloss over, or find mundane can actually be the most beautiful. Being able to find and acknowledge those moments is when you are truly able to fully enjoy life.

Find an adventure in everyday

Taking the time to treat yourself to coffee from a new place, trying a new recipe, going on a last minute hike, or even painting your room, are little adventures you can take to benefit YOU. It may seem silly to look for these little adventures, but by adding a little bit of spice to your day to day is always beneficial. These are not super expensive things that can prove to be the “vacation” you need. While up and leaving to tropical destinations will help, being able to take an adventure in your everyday life can be just as freeing.

Letting go of “perfection”

While taking the time to make the little things, things that will make you happy, perfect, it is important to not get too wrapped up. It’s about finding the balance between taking time to make something small special and knowing when you have become obsessed with it.

A good example would be when you take an extra 40 minutes to make your breakfast look beautiful, because you want to start your morning off right. However, it can become obsessive if you take 2 hours every morning. Wanting things to be perfect is not a problem, when romanticizing your life, you should want the best for yourself; however, it’s not about making everything perfect. If a couple berries aren’t in a perfect line on your smoothie bowl, it’s okay, roll with the imperfections. They often make life more interesting.

Romanticizing your life is about feeling more free, but it doesn’t mean you have to up and leave. It’s all about making you and finding the beauty in your life right now. Getting creative in finding those little things is super important. So, whether it be listening to your favorite album and having a mini dance party, or drinking your coffee in the sun every morning, these little moments of peace help you romanticize your life. Taking time to make the boring times special can turn something you hate into one of your favorite memories. Being present and focusing on today will make life that much more beautiful.

So, take the time to focus on the little things, and you will feel free all without leaving.


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