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Too Stressed To Be A Badass?

Here are 5 easy self-care ideas to help make your life a bit easier. (It’s all about the little things!)

Don’t underestimate the power of self-care!

With the world slowly spinning into chaos, there isn't a human alive not dealing with some kind of stress. The shift from the real world to a 24/7 virtual one is extremely overwhelming, especially in regards to school and work. It's like we're growing accustomed to constantly holding stress in our bodies, and that can be incredibly harmful to the mind-scape.

As much as your professors, employers, or family needs you, there's someone who needs you more. YOU!

I know at times self-care can feel like a selfish act and I know first hand how hard it can be to rank your needs above others, however,


Basically, in the wise words of Ms. Ru Paul:

Before we get started, let's get one thing straight.

In case you're the one thinking it, no, self-care isn’t just spa days and long-ass skin care routines. In fact, it can be anything from complimenting yourself to buying that sweater you really wanted! Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a crazy amount of time, or money, to take care of yourself. (But if you're into that, you pop right tf off!) It can even be little things that just make your day to day more manageable or productive, it doesn't have to be a day you set aside (though I highly recommend you do at some point).

REMEMBER: Self-care is about YOU and as long as you’re carving out time to spoil yourself, you can do whatever the hell you want! 

No matter how you find your chill, there’s always a little something for everybody! 

1. Harry Potter Ambience Rooms

ASMR Weekly

Cost: Free

Where to Find: A quick youtube search will give you list upon list of Ambience Rooms!

ASMR. You’re either into it or you’re not, but it’s not just food videos and roleplaying. Ambience rooms work like background noise. They specifically simulate an environment rather than various objects. It could be soothing rain against the astronomy tower window, quills leisurely writing on paper in the Great Hall, or the mysterious sounds of the Slytherin Common room (home sweet home). Whatever your niche, ambience rooms are great for relaxing or creating to, especially when lyrics become too distracting. *If Harry Potter isn't your thing, they have ambience rooms for just about anything!

Here are a few of my favorites:

2. Pillsbury Ready-To-Bake Sugar Cookies 

Cost: $3 *at most on average, excluding tax

Where to Find: Target/Wal-Mart (and many other grocery shops!)

They're not just for big events or special occasions! This is for the foodie who wants home made cookies but has no time to make them. Not only are they super inexpensive and easy to make, but they’re delicious and are ready in 10–14 minutes! It may seem simple, but when you're cramming for exams and doing seven different assignments, trust me when I tell you a little goes a long way. *Pro Tip: Try grabbing their seasonal holiday cookies for a little extra holiday spirit! (They have a different one for each holiday and they're the best thing you could ever put in your mouth. Trust me.)

3. Milk Bath Soaks

Cost: $6 (Made to order and comes w/ Free shipping!) 

Where to Find: Etsy, RoseCottageStore 

Here's an easy Link: (

Okay, bare with me. If you’re one of the few people who isn’t freaked out by this idea, I’d highly recommend giving these Milk Bath soaks by Janalee Unruh (Owner of RoseCottageStore) a try! They're made to order so you're guaranteed your very own milk soak; (I highly recommend checking out the rest of their amazing products while you're there!) Milk baths in general can be incredibly helpful for dry skin and you can customize them to fit your needs. With a little research, you can even make your own milk soaks at home and add whatever aromatics you'd like (honey, flowers, oils, etc). The world of soothing baths goes beyond bath bombs and bath salts, so venture out and see what works for you! *If you have sensitive skin you should check with your dermatologist or your doctor before giving it a go.

4. 8tracks

Cost: Free 

Where to Find: Available as an app on most devices and as a website.

Here's an easy Link: (

If you’re anything like me you need music in your life, and if you’re half the fanatic I am, you live for playlists. For the fan in all of us, I present 8tracks. Unlike Spotify, 8tracks feels more personal and they have incredible playlists for specific occasions. Need to vibe to something you think would please the Winchesters? They’ve got a playlist for that. Want some instrumentals to get you in the writing mood? They’ve got a playlist for that. Ever think about what could be on a playlist titled “this playlist smells like pine trees in winter”? I mean do I even have to say it? If your way of decompressing is listening to your favorite character's most adored albums, no one is judging you. With 8tracks, you get introduced to new music and have the best array of playlists at your finger tips (and can make your own too)!

5. Devil's Ivy (Golden Pothos)

Cost: $5–$25 (Changes depending on size and/or sales)

Where to Find: Whole Foods (And other garden centers)

As long as you're not making a salad out of this I swear it's safe! So the name is a little intimidating, that's no reason to ignore this amazing plant. Unlike succulents, Devil's Ivy doesn't need a lot of maintainence. You could literally forget to water it for a month and it will STILL fight off death! Putting our love and care into something else can be a wonderful stress reliever, and a path of gardening can help unlock your inner zen. This is the perfect plant for first time plant parents so give it a try and see how you feel! *Though it is an epic plant, Devil's Ivy is not pet safe. If you have pets, give the Lace Flower Vine a try instead! It's just a little more maintenance but hopefully it sparks the beginning of your plant parenthood!

This is only a list!

Don't feel like this is the end all. You're not limited to the ideas on this list! However you decide to venture into the world of self-care, make sure you're enjoying yourself. Don't feel as if it needs to be something that's glamorous and exciting. Sometimes it's just about chilling in a onesie and watching your favorite show for the eighth time. Whatever you eventually do, just have fun and take your time to appreciate you!



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