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Tom Odell Talks New Music at Governors Ball in New York

We caught up with the singer songwriter after his performance on the festival stage to discuss his latest music, performing at Gov Ball, and what's next.

We caught up Tom Peter Odell after his performance at Governors Ball 2022 in New York, where the British singer songwriter discussed new music, his creative process, and revealed what's next.
Tom Odell for the MUD Selfie Cam

We caught up with the British singer songwriter, Tom Odell right after his performance at Governors Ball in New York City. Odell's song "Another Love" has earned more than 800 million streams on Spotify alone. His most recent single, "Sad Anymore" is an ode to his unique sound and talented songwriting.

M: In this phase of your career, how would you define your sound?

TO: I guess my sound is very defined by my interest in the piano. I've studied the piano since I was 7 years old, and that's the most thing I'm interested in. I cannot imagine not being interested in it. It feels like an extension of my voice and everything. That and also the relationship to the words I write.

M: What is your creative process? And where do you draw the most inspiration from?

TO: It's always tricky to pin it down. I sit at the piano often, and that's where I'd say most ideas come from. I would say as well I have a lot of notebooks. I'm always writing on them. It's often the marriage between those two things.

Ultimately, I'd say my music is inspired by my experiences of living life, all the joys and suffering that we go through, and trying to understand what it means to be a human being. The primary purpose of what music means in my life is a hand on my shoulder, one person reaching out to another person and you feel a little less lonely afterwards.

M: What can your fans expect from you this year?

TO: I dunno. Silence (laughs). No, I've got some music coming out. I'm doing loads of shows, too.


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