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This TikToker Is Your New Pick-Me-Up

Sara Sadok ( is revolutionizing the body positivity movement through TikTok videos that create a safe space to talk about body image, self-love, and taking care of your mental and physical health.

Q: When did you create your TikTok account, and what inspired or motivated you to start it?

I had TikTok for about a year before I started creating content. It was August 2020 when I started posting my first couple videos. I always knew I wanted to make an impact with my account—I just didn’t know how.

It wasn’t until October 2020 when I posted my “eat with me” video that I started to gain a following and my account became a safe place for a lot of people. And I’m really happy that that’s what my account is to people.

Q: What is your goal in sharing your voice with the world? In other words, why did you create this account?

My sole purpose for creating my TikTok account was to inspire people and have my videos leave an effect on them, even if it’s for a few seconds. I think social media is such a powerful tool, and if used for good, it can make a really large impact on people’s lives.

Q: Who are you hoping to reach with these messages?

With the messages I create on TikTok, I hope to reach anyone who needs them, even if they don’t realize they do. A lot of the time we don’t even realize that we need to be reminded of how exceptional we are or that we matter. In those times, when someone scrolls through their “For You” page and they happen to fall upon a video of mine, I hope that I can give them that reminder.

Q: You often use optimistic quotes from famous people on your page. Is there one person in particular who you find to have many inspiring quotes? Who inspires you in your own life?

I would say that people who inspire me in my own life are my parents. They are some of the most hard-working, intelligent people I’ve ever met, and I hope one day that I can follow in their footsteps and be the same.

When it comes to finding quotes that I use for my TikTok page, I don’t tend to stick to one person. I like to hear the words of many people because everyone has their own experiences that they reflect upon that are special to them. Through their reflections and messages, I learn more about myself and the world around me every day.

Q: What’s one reminder or piece of advice that has helped you cope with negativity?

Negativity can be found everywhere, whether it’s through a negative mind or negative people. In either circumstance, you have to understand that you can’t live a positive life if you’re surrounded by negativity. You have to learn to let go of the negativity in your life, whether it’s a person or a mindset. At the end of the day, negativity of any kind distracts you from reaching goals that you set for yourself.


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