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This is the Year of Anna Shoemaker

The New York-based artist just released her new song, "It's Depression."

Anna Shoemaker releases newest single, "It's Depression."
Photo: Anna Shoemaker

What can your fans expect from your upcoming album that will release in 2022?

Songs to sing, dance, scream, or cry to in the car.

What's the meaning behind "Sick!" and how was the process of writing it?

"Sick!" was one of those songs that just kind of flowed out of me. I was kind of mumble singing into my mic over a beat that I had made while sitting in my bed and ended up just keeping pretty much everything from that initial recording. I made "Sick!" during quarantine and, honestly, I was lonely! I feel like everyone ended up romanticizing their ex during the quarantine.

If you could perform anywhere in the world as the headliner, where would it be and who would be your opening act?

I would love to perform at Red Rocks in Colorado with RICHIE QUAKE!! Except I’d probably be opening for him!

Anna Shoemaker releases new single, "It's Depression"
Photo: Anna Shoemaker

What is something you wish someone told you before you went into this industry?

Everything is fine, nothing in this industry is the end of the world as long as you’re making art that means something to you.

You produced your song “Sick!”, take us through the behind the scenes process of producing.

I made the demo literally in my bed and then sent it to my friend Khaya to add more production. We worked on it back and forth virtually for a little bit and then we had a session with Middle Part who added some guitars and synths (as he always does!). It was a group effort that started in a very personal space and I think that’s why I love the song so much.

Your upcoming song , "It’s Depression (ft. Middle Part)” releases on October 20th. What was it like to write this song?

I wrote it with Middle Part, in the little studio in his apartment. Andrew and I were just sort of riffing back and forth. I remember setting out to write about unrequited love but I think it just spiraled more into a song about needing to feel valid and safe. Also this song was randomly called “Steve Lacy” for about 6 months, until Andrew was like no, it needs to be called "It’s Depression." I was like he's right, it really is depression.


You can find Anna on Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL and all the usual places, and you can stay up to date with her releases by following along on Instagram.


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