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Things It Would’ve Been Helpful to Know Before Receiving Eating Disorder Treatment During a Pandemic

Some of us have not been doing those Instagram workouts.

TW: Eating disorders

You’re gonna be online… like, a LOT.

The first of three months of your partial hospitalization program will be spent at a treatment facility. The second and third months will be spent in your room. You’ll get the log-on for BlueJeans, you’ll sign the forms consenting to receive teletherapy, and you’ll be scared shitless— how will you be held accountable for completing your meals when you can, like… just… movefoodofftheplateunderthescreen? How are you supposed to get better?

But that’s not how it’s gonna work. Your eyes will SCREAM at the end of six-hour sessions of computer therapy. But you’ll also get to text your crush under your desk without anyone seeing. Which is kinda cool, when you think about it. Kinda shit, but kinda cool. You’ll learn and progress just as much as you would’ve IRL.

You won’t be allowed to dance or go to the gym.

It’s gonna hurt like a mother when your dietician tells you that you’re not allowed to exercise for the time being because “the way you do it is a form of purging.” Five hours a day is apparently… excessive. But fret not, young one--<