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The Truth About the Tramp Stamp: It’s Sexy and Cool

There is nothing shameful about a butterfly on your lower back.

We all know about how society trained us to hate women for everything. We don’t show enough skin, we’re virgins. We speak up during business meetings, we’re aggressive ladies. We get a lower back tattoo of a butterfly, we’re whores. The idea of a tramp stamp just does not add up. Whichever loser decided to come with this term, it’s catchy but stupid. If women are going to be hated for everything we do, we might as well do what we want.

The tramp stamp gained its fame in the early 2000s. It was popular for its sexual appeal. That makes sense, they are sexy. The tramp stamp paired with jeans and a crop top would look absolutely amazing. However, it screams promiscuous. Listen folks, just because a woman shows off sex appeal does not allow you to have an open forum on her sexual activities.

Should we stop calling them tramp stamps? Shit, probably. However, it’s a nickname that stuck. It’s like when you do something embarrassing as a child and people call you “Stinky” for the rest of your life.

There is nothing shameful about a tramp stamp. I would totally get one if I ever made up my mind on what I wanted. There are going to be people who pass judgment. That happens regardless, you can literally make coffee a certain way and manage to piss someone off. You can’t please everyone and if you want a sexy lower back tattoo, go for it.


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