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The Truth About My Body Insecurities as a Division 1 Athlete

The negative impact society has on me and the way I view being a muscular woman.

Photo: Unsplash

Here’s my big secret: I used to be a little overweight.

You see, in middle school, I was the shy girl in the movies who was only friends with a teacher. The girl who would eat lunch alone in the stairwell. Yeah, I really did that (once). My point is that I didn’t attempt to make friends for different reasons, but in part, it was because I was too shy (insecure).

My insecurities revolved around my body and being a size 14 because I didn’t look like the “Serena van der Woodsen’s” at my school.

Photo: Unsplash

I rarely worked out. It was a combination of asthma and mental health struggles, so I just sat around feeling sorry for myself. I was in this circular behavior of not being happy with my body but being too depressed to do anything about it. My weight wasn’t dangerous at all. I was just a little chunky, which, back then, was everything.